From the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) comes a new teacher web site, T-source, that will provide professional tools, resources, and opportunities for collaboration on issues facing teachers in the classroom. “One of the primary reasons we developed T-source was to provide immediate assistance for teachers,” said Antonia Cortese, AFT’s executive vice president. “We know that beginning teachers who have access to intensive mentoring by veteran colleagues are much more likely to stay in the profession during this critical period. Not all teachers have access to such programs, and the AFT developed T-source as a place for educators to get the basics and the support they need fast.” The interactive features of T-source allow educators to access a range of research-based information and to reach out to each other. These features include activities focusing on best practices for the classroom, configuring a well-designed classroom with an interactive tool, establishing rules and procedures, and working with paraprofessionals and parents. T-source also includes sections such as “Ask-a-Veteran,” weekly chats on classroom topics, and other specialized forums.

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