New York, New York, October 6, 2006–H.W. Wilson today announced that Current Issues: Reference Shelf Plus, a new full-text database, is now available on WilsonWeb. Current Issues: Reference Shelf Plus presents carefully selected articles from key publications on social, scientific, health, political, and global issues, chosen to make up a well-rounded overview. Organized by topic for easy access, and presented in an attractive infographic display, the database also allows users to launch searches for new information on each topic via WilsonWeb or the Internet, and links to biographical profiles of prominent figures for each topic from the acclaimed reference Current Biography. With in-depth, balanced examinations of modern issues, background information on key players, plus updating of each topic at a click, Current Issues: Reference Shelf Plus will serve as an “information hub” for students, educators, debate clubs, journalists, and others.

Issues covered are selected to support the curriculum in social studies, current events, and sociology, for school, college, and general research. Users will find some 30 articles per topic from respected magazines and journals, hand-picked by Wilson editors to provide impartial and thorough research. Feature articles, editorials, scholarly papers, and more are included, to convey a wealth of relevant facts and perspectives. Authoritative Web sites are highlighted, including links to primary sources (e.g. the text of the Kyoto Accord in coverage of Global Climate Change).

To make research easy, primary topics are divided into important subtopics, each presenting a selection of informative and insightful articles that, taken together, offer an authoritative overview. Page images deliver important information in the charts, graphs, illustrations, and other graphics that accompany the full-text articles.

Beyond the solid grounding, coverage stays current for each topic. New developments, new players, and new perspectives covered in any of the more than 2,200 periodicals delivered in full text on other Wilson databases are also part of Current Issues, via links to automatic searches of these databases. Current Issues also links to relevant biographies from Wilson’s Current Biography, noted as a definitive source for in-depth profiles as far back as World War II.

Current Issues: Reference Shelf Plus will cover some 80 topics by year-end: global climate change, torture, physical fitness trends, doping in sports, ethics in business and industry, globalization, HIV/AIDS, homeland security, immigration and emigration, the Internet, the paranormal, space exploration, U.S. and the Middle East, and many more. It will grow by 20 topics each year thereafter. The database will also cover the topic of the National High School Policy Debate each year.

Current Issues: Reference Shelf Plus builds on the convenience and accessibility of the Reference Shelf book series, which remains popular in libraries. Current Issues complements Reference Shelf print subscriptions, featuring a largely different selection of articles and topics, and savings are available for libraries that subscribe to both. Free 30-day trials are available. For more information on Current Issues: Reference Shelf Plus, visit

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