Anniversaries give rise to reflection. We know the “tools” of our trade have drastically changed over the past twenty years, but the vision, passion, and human spirit behind the use of those tools have been the critical components in the successful use of technology to help transform teaching and learning.

As we look towards the future, technology will continue to evolve and new leaders will emerge to further mine the power of technology to enhance education. Many of those early pioneers were teachers, superintendents, school board members, librarians, principals, and technology directors who have become the often quoted and well respected voices of today’s innovation.

But now we need your help to identify 20 emerging leaders that we can turn to on T+L’s 40th anniversary in 20 years and reflect on where we’ve come! These emerging leaders  like today’s education technology pioneers  cross all job titles and district sizes. We’re looking for educators that could still be working in education in another 20 years. We will highlight this group of educators at this year’s T+L and in future NSBA education technology articles. This is your chance to share your own accomplishments or promote the work of younger colleagues. Deadline: October 16, 2006.



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