NEW YORK, NY OCTOBER 9, 2006–eChalk Inc., the leading provider of online learning environments for K-12 schools, announced the release and immediate availability of Lesson Planner, a comprehensive framework that helps K-12 schools align curriculum with state and local standards.

The release of the Lesson Planner marks the culmination of two years of research, design, and development. “We found that teachers saw lesson planning as a perfunctory exercise and administrators weren’t able to effectively use paper plans to track teachers’ progress against standards,” says Charlene Noll, eChalk’s Director of Product Development.

eChalk’s Lesson Planner makes lesson planning quicker and easier and more useful as a teaching tool. It makes relevant plan information, like activities and assignments, available to parents and students through eChalk’s online classroom, leveraging the value of the teacher’s work. Most important, it enables principals to react proactively when a teacher is behind schedule or off course. Districts and schools who implement Lesson Planner receive comprehensive on-site support from eChalk’s Client Services team to help promote buy-in and success. With field-based project managers, staff developers and technical support specialists, districts are able to quickly realize the value of eChalk’s Lesson Planner.

“Lesson Planner provides a unique opportunity for districts to impact student achievement by aligning curriculum with state and local standards,” noted eChalk Co-Founder and President Torrance Robinson. He continued, “Many alignment initiatives fail because they don’t directly help teachers. To overcome this challenge and to ensure buy-in, we conducted thousands of hours of research with teachers and administrators to be sure that Lesson Planner would address their unique needs and challenges. With eChalk’s Lesson Planner, administrators can now easily and effectively guide, track and assist teachers in the delivery of their lessons and help students succeed.”

Lesson Planner is available immediately and supports the standards of all 50 states.

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Founded in 1999 and headquartered in New York City, eChalk is committed to helping schools succeed by providing an online environment that supports leadership, teaching and learning. With eChalk’s safe and secure environment, every school and district community member has appropriate access to event calendars, homework assignments, school board meeting minutes, online discussions, resources, student grades and other information that helps K-12 leaders to achieve their learning and instructional goals.

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