Bedford, MA, October 10, 2006–IntelliTools, Inc. (, a member of Cambium Learning™ Technologies, is pleased to announce that it has just received a $1.3 million federal grant award to develop and research a new version of IntelliTools Classroom Suite with greatly enhanced mathematics capabilities. The project, Number Concepts and Automaticity, focuses on number sense and fluency for students in grades 13.

Research will be designed and conducted by the Pacific Institutes for Research (PIR) at the University of Oregon. Funds were awarded by the National Institute for Child Health and Human Development, Small Business Innovations Research, under program officer Dr. Daniel Berch.

“Our goal is to help struggling students to form mathematical models, bring those into working memory, and become more fluent and accurate in mathematical performance,” notes Arjan Khalsa, Principle Investigator on the project. “We have carefully studied the body of research in elementary math education and we are honored to have this opportunity to move the dial forward and make new contributions.”

Dr. Scott Baker, co-PI on the project and Director and Senior Research Associate at PIR, explains, “We are employing a rigorous scientific research design, and we will work with over 1,000 students in a school district with a significant population of struggling young math students. This design will allow us track gains in a very robust way.” He adds, “We have worked with IntelliTools in the past and find their attention to research protocols to be consistent with our standards. This should be an excellent project.”

The grant specifies three areas of endeavor: product development, implementation services, and scientific research. IntelliTools and Cambium Learning Technologies will lead engineering and implementation, creating software and services that employ universal design principles.

About Cambium Learning Technologies

The technology division of Cambium Learning, Cambium Learning Technologies comprises IntelliTools, Inc., Kurzweil Educational Systems, Inc., and Acceleration Station. IntelliTools ( has been a leading provider of technology that helps students learn to their fullest potential, especially K-8 students who use assistive technology, have individualized education programs (IEPs), have limited English proficiency, or are generally struggling to achieve. Kurzweil Educational Systems, Inc. ( is widely recognized as an innovator and leading provider of reading and writing software for individuals with learning difficulties and for those who are blind. It provides high-quality assistive technology to people who face obstacles in accessing the printed word, enabling them to lead more independent lives. Acceleration Station provides online standards-aligned testing and assessment for at-risk K-12 students.


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