Chicago–October 10, 2006 — NetOp Tech Inc., a fully owned subsidiary of Danish IT company, Danware A/S, launched today in the United States, NetOp Netfilter–Internet filtering software that gives companies an overview of employee Internet use and the ability to block access to specific types of Internet sites. NetOp Netfilter combines high-speed image processing with text and behavior analysis to distinguish safe from unsafe content with near-perfect accuracy.

Most Internet filtering software looks at URL addresses to determine if a site is appropriate, but many Web site operators get around this by changing addresses frequently or using addresses with ambiguous or misleading names. NetOp Netfilter is dynamic filtering software that uses a combination of image, text and historical behavior analysis, screening Web content during the search process in real-time without Web site address updates. It uses an artificial intelligence engine to analyze photos looking at shapes, colors and faces.

NetOp Netfilter is one of the only Internet filters that use image analysis according to Jason Vargovchik, NetOp Tech Country Manager.

“This is intelligent filtering software unlike most other Internet filters on the market,” he said. “It makes decisions based on artificial intelligence, so it does not need constant updating to do its job. If Internet site names and addresses change or if new sites appear on the Web, NetOp Netfilter uses its internal intelligence to analyze them and determine if they are appropriate.”

NetOp Netfilter is easy to implement and once installed on enterprise servers does not have to be installed on each work station. The software also has built-in application control and allows IT administrators to stop the use of instant messaging software or any other specified software programs.

Online publication recently estimated that employers spend $759 billion in salaries for wasted time. A joint survey with America Online and found that surfing the Internet was the biggest distraction for employees with almost 45 percent admitting to personal use of the Internet while at work.

“Personal Internet use is a huge cost for U.S. companies and NetOp Netfilter can help to effectively reduce it,” said Vargovchik. “NetOp Netfilter provides them with the ability to block certain Web sites and keep employees on track and involved in productive work.”

Lost productivity is not the only cost of personal Internet surfing in the workplace. It can also make a company vulnerable to litigation by other employees, costing the company thousand of dollars in lawsuits and tarnishing its public image.

“Inappropriate Web content downloaded on work computers can lead to harassment charges by other employees,” said Vargovchik. “NetOp Netfilter cannot only help keep companies out of court; it can also keep the company’s reputation from being discredited, affecting the bottom line and making it hard to attract top quality personnel. ”

Unauthorized Internet use can also cause substantial IT problems by straining the network and exposing it to viruses, spyware and worms. In a Danish study completed for Danware, 30 percent of the Danish companies surveyed with 500 or more employees had been infected with a virus or worm as a result of Internet surfing.

Several Danish companies and organizations already use NetOp Netfilter including the Danish Army Operational Command (HOK) which has used the filter since 2001.

“Before we invested in NetOp Netfilter the employees sometimes used the Internet access to chat, download media files and visit Web pages with contents which might appear offensive,” said IT administrator Erling Mathiasen, who has the main responsibility for all 250 IT users at HOK’s Army Operational Command. “These activities have now been halted efficiently as they both rob working time and can be a strain on the network.”

About NetOp Tech Inc.

NetOp Tech, Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Danware, a Danish based software company. Danware’s core business is to develop and market, through a certified channel of NetOp Partners, software products based on the NetOp core technology–a technology enabling swift, secure and seamless transfer of screens, sound and data between two or more products.

About Danware A/S

Danware A/S develops and markets software products based on the NetOp technology which provides opportunities for fast, secure and stable transfer of screen images, audio and data between two or more computers.

Danware has three business segments: NetOp Remote Control, NetOp School and Security. NetOp Remote Control enables remote control of one or more computers, whereas NetOp School is used for computer-based class teaching. Security comprises Danware’s NetOp Netfilter and NetOp Desktop Firewall, which is a distributed firewall for monitoring of processes and communication on computers.


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