EDUCAUSE Conference, Texas – October 10, 2006–IntelliResponse is a campus-wide technology which helps higher educational institutions manage and answer high volume questions between the Institution and its online visitors: students, prospective students, faculty, alumni and parents.

Based on the concept of one right answer’ for every question asked, IntelliResponse’s technology, developed over 125 implementations on North American campus websites, includes a comprehensive and intelligent’ database of the top 300 campus-related questions. Having handled more than 20 million inquiries over the past six years, this comprehensive and dynamic database adapts to fit each institution’s unique audience and needs. Combined with a customized “Ask Us” dialogue box strategically located on the institution’s web site, IntelliResponse enables institutions to not only significantly reduce email and call volume, but also provide a positive online experience for the web site visitor, providing information quickly and accurately.

“Despite increased enrolment numbers and accompanying demands, emails and calls that require staff’s attention have decreased dramatically with IntelliResponse. Staff resources are now dedicated to more specific, complex inquiries,” says Mary Beth Kurilko, Assistant Director for Communications, Undergraduate Admissions, Temple University. We’ve made significant improvements across the board and IntelliResponse is as important to us as ever. As long as we have students needing information, we will need a dynamic solution like this to help us manage and organize the process.”

IntelliResponse modules include: *Self Service Agent & Knowledgebase Module–Provides online visitors with the precise information they need, when and how they want it. Through a customized and branded “Ask Us” self-service interface, questions can be asked in natural language that includes spelling and grammatical errors. A precise one right answer’ is provided to the visitor, while value added information is provided based on the intent of the questions–including personalized information and appropriate offers.

*Live Reach Module–Web-based media escalation module where visitors are invited to engage in a real time chat, click-to-call, and call-me-back dialogue with staff, thereby providing the school with an opportunity to convert the anonymous visitors into next year’s students.

*Smart Portal Module – Enables organizations to learn from their search data. All search entries are logged, revealing a virtual record of the visitor’s footprints throughout the dynamic environment. With this knowledge, the Smart Portal solution can automatically respond with immediate, relevant content tailored to the visitor’s interests.

Through the Quick Start Program, IntelliResponse’s professional services team will manage, develop, test and implement the IntelliResponse solutions with minimal use of an institution’s resources. The Quickstart Program will ensure an institution goes live in 45 days and will answer at least 80% of questions accurately–guaranteed.

“These enhancements reflect all the intelligence we have gained over the past 5 years of building solutions for higher education–intelligence that not only helps them manage, but also learn from inquiries,” said Mike Dufton, President & CEO, IntelliResponse. “Our hosted solution was built specifically for the needs of higher educational institutions, and our successful response rate demonstrates just how effective our solutions are at providing answers.” About IntelliResponse

IntelliResponse is an award-winning technology helping educational institutions manage and answer high volume questions between the Institution and its online visitors; students, prospective students, faculty, alumni and parents. Every interaction is captured by a 24×7 research agent, then transformed by a rich reporting suite into actionable business intelligence – resulting in increased student enrollment and retention, as well as improved staff productivity. With over 125 implementations, IntelliResponse has managed over 20 million inquiries, with an automated response rate exceeding 80 per cent.

Clients include top tier institutions such as Temple University, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, Cincinnati State University and University of North Carolina-Greensboro. Please visit us at


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