Malvern, PA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–October 9, 2006–Schools are under increased pressure to provide a safe and secure environment for students, faculty and staff. identiMetrics, a leader in the development and marketing of biometric fingerscan identification solutions for schools with its biometric identification platform, identiFi”, has partnered with School Check IN, a leader in school tracking solutions, to provide biometric fingerscanning for School Check IN’s new school tracking program, BioCHECK”.

BioCHECK allows students, faculty, staff, parents, volunteers, vendors – anyone entering a school – to check in and check out with a touch of their finger. BioCHECK provides indisputable proof of identification instantly. In about one second, the person is recognized, verified and admitted. Set up is simple and easy to use and school administrators have real-time reports of everyone who is on campus.

“This is something that every school should have,” states Barry Peterson, President & CEO of School Check IN. “BioCHECK raises security to a new level, and because it provides instant reports on everyone who’s on campus, there’s never a gap that could compromise student and faculty safety at any time.” He adds, “When BioCHECK is incorporated into a school’s daily routine, a school is a self-contained unit that is safe and secure.

There’s no guessing, and the teachers can do what they are hired to do–teach. For less than $1000, a school can track everything from when and why visitors and volunteers enter and leave campus; when and why students are late or leave early; even when faculty and staff are on or off campus during the school day.”

These sentiments are echoed by Jay Fry, President & CEO of identimetrics. “As a former school Principal, I understand the security challenges that school administrators face everyday. identiFi”, our proprietary software platform utilizing BIO-key International’s award winning matching software, is the perfect complement to BioCHECK, and we’re proud to be working together with this forward-thinking company to keep our children and school personnel protected throughout the school day.”

identiMetrics, Inc., an identity management company, is a leader in the development and marketing of biometric fingerscan identification solutions. identiMetrics’ proprietary software, identiFi”, is a biometric finger scanning ID platform that provides a cost-effective and accurate replacement for swipecard readers, barcode readers, and PIN pads, allowing any organization to rapidly integrate and easily deploy biometrics into their existing applications. identiFi eliminates the problems and costs created by cards and PINs and quickly integrates with host applications providing indisputable proof of identification. identiMetrics is primarily focused on the unique needs of consumer markets including education, retail POS, healthcare and hospitality. For more information contact Eden Fulton 610-993-9042 x100 or visit

School Check IN provides schools an easy and fast way for students, parents, volunteers, faculty, staff and vendors to check in and out at the front desk. BioCHECK”, School Check In’s new biometric fingerscanning solution, provides a faster and even more secure method to verify that only approved persons are allowed entry into a school. BioCHECK, along with OffenderCHECK, provides one more security tool that helps make students and schools safer.


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