SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Oct. 12, 2006— Everyday Children are exposed to online pornography, cyber-bullying and pedophiles’ looking to start conversations and more. Before, education was the only line of defense Parents had to protect their Kid(s). Today, LiTera released the first affordable, secure, web based software called, PredatorWatch(TM). PredatorWatch uses keystroke, keyword and snapshot technology to capture and report all online conversations and created documents that consist of alert words commonly used in threatening conversations. Parents can now know the who, what, where, and when of online dangers their children face and obtain the evidence that apprehends online predators.

“Sadly, a recent survey found that one out of every seven kids are solicited or approached for sex online, 34% are exposed to unwanted sexual material and this year there was a 9% increase of online harassment.* The ‘don’t talk to strangers,’ chat is not enough! Checking email, chat room, instant message and virtual web community conversations is a necessity that enables Parents to protect their kids and keep them safe from anything that might be harmful or deadly,” explained LiTera’s CEO, Douglas Ralston.

How do you catch a predator? By capturing the information!

PredatorWatch ensures the security of data while providing the flexibility to invisibly check one or multiple designated computers from anywhere. The proprietary system uses keystroke technology that automatically scans and snapshots all data including: email, instant messages, chat room, virtual website community conversations and content of any document created on the monitored computer. When a keyword comes up, the subject, who sent it, who received it and the time and date it was sent, received and/or created is reported. Designated users can also access email attachments no matter which email program is used.

With PredatorWatch, Parents no longer need to go to numerous search engines to set up parental filters to block unwanted websites. Using key alert words, PredatorWatch blocks any website and alerts Parents if anyone tries to access those sites. Different lists and alerts can be created for different users and computers.

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