Columbia, Ill. Oct. 16, 2006– CPSI, leading provider of SIF (Schools Interoperability Framework) based solutions, announced the development of a SIF agent for Edupoint Educational Systems. The agent supports Edupoint’s K-12 student administrative products GENESIS Student Information System and GENESEA Special Education Software. The agent for GENESIS/GENESEA 1.1 is based on the SIF Connect Universal Framework, a specialized toolset designed for rapid SIF agent development.

The SIF agent supports 22 SIF objects including EmployeeCredential, StudentSnapshot and StudentLocator. These objects can be used for districts with State Agencies requiring SIF for vertical reporting.

“Our partnership with Edupoint should prove to be very beneficial to GENESIS/GENESEA customers, giving them flexibility and the support needed for interoperability via SIF specifications,” states Gay Sherman, Director of Interoperability at CPSI.

GENESIS and GENESEA are developed using the Microsoft .NET platform and are able to perform web-based schools administrative and student data functions. They offer the security and flexibility needed for school administrators and users. The SIF Connect Agent for GENESIS /GENESEA was certified on Oct. 2, 2006.

About CPSI

CPSI was founded in 1989 and is committed solely to K-12 education. CPSI has been a member of SIFA since 1999. CPSI’s hallmark application, Visual CASEL, was developed specifically for schools with extensive input from teachers, technology coordinators and administrators. With the addition of several SIF based products, CPSI has proven itself in the industry as a Solutions Leader for K-12 institutions. To learn more, visit

About Edupoint Educational Systems

Edupoint develops and supports K-12 student administrative products. Edupoint believes in creating a partnership rather than a dependency relationship with school districts and understands that school districts today face many challenges, including the need to manage change, reduce training and overall costs, extend the lifespan of applications and leverage the best resources to do these things. Edupoint technology is used as the foundation for the GENED™ Family of Products, which includes GENESIS™ and GENESEA™. For more information, see About the Schools Interoperability Framework Association (SIFA)

SIFA is a non-profit organization dedicated to an industry initiative to develop an open specification for ensuring that K-12 instructional and administrative software applications work together more effectively. The SIF standard is an industry-supported technical blueprint for K-12 software that will enable diverse applications to interact and share data seamlessly; now and in the future. For additional information, visit


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