Okemos, Michigan–October 17, 2006–TechSmith Corp., the world’s leading provider of screen capture and recording solutions, today announced the availability of Camtasia Studio 4, which enables education professionals to quickly record lectures and create engaging multimedia presentations for online classes, distance learning, and professional-development courses. With Camtasia Studio 4, educators can create and deliver the same educational content in a variety of multimedia formats simultaneously so students can choose the best viewing option for them. “We publish between six to eight hours of online video lectures for our medical students every day,” said Geraud Plantegenest, Lead Instructional Designer for the College of Human Medicine at Michigan State University. “Having the ability to export lectures to multiple formats like streaming media, MP3 audio, and iPod video in a single click is just one of the new timesaving features in Camtasia Studio 4 that helps us streamline our processes, make them more efficient, and best of all, provide our students with more delivery choices for their learning.” Camtasia Studio greatly decreases the cost, complexity, and time required to create rich educational content and requires no specialized training, so educators can quickly incorporate the software into their teaching routines. Camtasia Studio 4 is also integrated with TechSmith’s new Screencast.com service, which is currently in open beta testing. The integration between Camtasia Studio 4 and Screencast.com facilitates fast and easy video sharing via RSS and iTunes for educators who want to ensure delivery and control of their recorded lectures. Sample screencasts can be viewed at www.screencast.com. “Thousands of educators are already using Camtasia Studio to create course and online multimedia content and to record live PowerPoint lectures,” said Troy Stein, Camtasia Studio Product Manager at TechSmith. “Now they can easily repurpose that content for portable media players, which are ubiquitous on nearly every campus. Screencasts on iPods are a great way for teachers to deliver content in a compelling, convenient manner that students will embrace.” With Camtasia Studio, educators, administrators, and technology coordinators can easily record all the activity on a computer screen along with voice narration and real-world video to create life-like instruction. The screencasts can be edited and shared with students online in all the popular streaming formats, including Flash, portable media formats, and for CDs and DVDs. Camtasia Studio can record from any Windows-based computer, including Tablet PCs, Wacom Tablets, and interactive whiteboards. Some of the new features in Camtasia Studio 4 include:

*Support for portable media player video formats, including M4V for iPod video, to reach the widest possible audience

*Ability to create multiple files simultaneously so users can produce a single screencast in a variety of formats (e.g., Flash, iPod, MP3, PowerPoint, etc.)

*Audio enhancements so users can remove background noise and volume variations with one-click to easily deliver professional-sounding screencasts

*30-second previews that allow users to see how the first 30 seconds of a screencast will look and sound based on different production options before producing the entire video

*Closed Captioning so users can synchronize voice narration with text displayed on the screen video to create videos that are accessible to a broad audience.

*New quizzing and survey viewer interface so educators can embed questions and get an answer via email

*Shareable production profiles that allow individuals to share their screencast settings with others, helping organizations standardize the look and feel of all screencasts and get new users up and running quickly System Requirements and Availability

Camtasia Studio 4 supports Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP with DirectX 9.0. Additional digital video formats can be imported including AVI, MPEG, MPG, and WMV. Web cameras and microphones for capturing audio and video are available for purchase separately. Camtasia Studio 4 has a suggested retail price of $179 for academic users. A one month free account of Screencast.com is also available. The software and recommended hardware can be purchased at http://www.techsmith.com. For additional information about Camtasia Studio, visit: http://www.techsmith.com/products/studio/default.asp. About TechSmith Corporation

Founded in 1987, TechSmith Corporation provides practical business software tools and services. TechSmith’s solutions enable users to capture, record and enhance digital content from their computer screens so they can share information and knowledge in compelling multimedia formats, and allow others to observe, analyze and learn from their experiences. TechSmith products are used by 98 percent of the Fortune 500. Visit www.techsmith.com for more information.


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