Los Angeles, October 17, 2006–XLPrep.com, a leading developer of online test preparation materials, is proud to announce its successful case study at the Lennox Academy of Math, Science, and Technology in Los Angeles where students raised their PSAT Math scores by 10 points, or approximately 100 SAT equivalent points. The Academy’s junior-year students who used XLPrep.com for a minimum of 10 hours saw a significant improvement in their results, compared with their classmates who spent minimal to no time with XLPrep.com.

“We were very pleased to see the students at Lennox increase their test scores after using our test prep system,” said Sharon Masek, Co-founder of XLPrep.com. “Next year, Lennox plans to use XLPrep.com for both Verbal and Math test prep, and we expect to see an even greater increase when scores for all test sections are combined.”

What makes these results so important is that XLPrep.com is actually trying to quantify its effectiveness. Many test prep companies have a money back guarantee if students do not raise their test scores, but this guarantee does not mean their test prep is actually effective. XLPrep.com is moving one significant step beyond their competitors by proving the effectiveness of their test prep program in addition to having a money back guarantee.

Lennox is using XLPrep.com’s test prep for its second year because they had such a positive experience. “With XLPrep.com, I have been able to provide my students with meaningful and challenging practice problems without taking time away from instruction. I have witnessed students of all levels benefit from the program,” proclaimed Mario Villanueva, an algebra teacher at Lennox Academy. “We were so encouraged by this progress that we now plan to make XLPrep.com part of our regular AVID curriculum.”

With this successful pilot study, XLPrep.com is now offering free test prep for one year to the first 100 schools that respond. Schools can choose test prep for either the SAT, the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE), or both. “Now that our test prep for all sections of the SAT and CAHSEE are available, we want to conduct more studies similar to the study at Lennox” said Ms. Masek. “All we ask of the schools responding to our offer is that they share anonymous before and after test scores. In return, they will get full access to our site and top notch customer service. We greatly enjoyed working with Lennox and are looking forward to building more positive relationships in the education community.”

Schools interested in a full year free license for CAHSEE and/or SAT prep should contact info@xlprep.com. The first 100 schools that qualify will be provided with up to 100 free student test preparation licenses.


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