Lancaster, Pa.: is a revolutionary new Website for anyone interested in elevating the level of K-12 school design. The brain child of Joel K. Sims, AIA, is loaded with great school design ideas to improve education for the forgotten client–the student.

“ was born out of a desire to help improve the quality of school design around the world,” says President Sims. “Unfortunately, a majority of the publications promoting school design have traditionally focused on revenue. takes a different approach in that it’s focused on showcasing high-quality design elements.”

The Website uniquely highlights school projects, school products and professionals in three distinct areas  Designer Elements, Designer Products and Designer Professionals.

With Designer Elements, the components of a school are broken into elements that focus on innovative ideas. The ideas are communicated visually through images, with just a little text to describe them. “In a broad sense, the Website will become one big idea book for school design,” notes Sims.

Designer Products only shows products that are appropriate for K-12 school design. The focus in this section is to highlight products, not sell certain manufacturers. In highlighting a product, a link is provided to a product sponsor who carries that product.

Designer Professionals presents architects from around the world. Eventually, this section will also include engineers and specialty consultants, so the school designers can find all manner of professionals who focus on K-12 facilities.

Every design professional and product sponsor listed on is a member, and they’re all equal members. “The Website features no traditional advertising because we want people who are like minded in that they’re concerned about advancing the quality of school design around the world,” stresses Sims. “ is about integrity–knowing that we need to stick to our core value of improving the quality of school design.”

From the feedback received so far, Sims predicts a bright future for the new endeavor. “The feedback we have received has been beyond expectations, which clearly shows that is filling a need for school design,” he says.

“Already we’re looking at adding a section focused on green design,” says Sims. “And we’ll soon add an archive of our monthly newsletter, The Schooldesigner, so that designers and school administrators can look at back issues online.” To subscribe to The Schooldesigner, go to and click on newsletter.

Design professionals and product sponsors who are like minded in that they want to elevate the level of school design around the world and would like to become a member, may contact Sims at 717.735.1985 or

Schooldesigner, LLC, was formed in 2006, to elevate the level of K-12 school design around the world through In three sections–Designer Elements, Designer Products and Designer Professionals–the Website showcases the work of members who are committed to advancing the quality of school design. President Joel K. Sims, AIA, has more than 20 years architectural experience.


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