MOBILE, ALA. (Oct. 19, 2006) – Schools are under tight budget constraints and increased scrutiny as they strive to improve student performance. Through new partnership agreements between STI and Indiana Education Service Centers, schools and districts will be able to implement next-generation data management systems at a price they can afford. The use of integrated data systems is a crucial step toward improving school efficiency and student achievement.

STI, the nation’s leading provider of education data management solutions for the K-12 market, announced today that it has signed agreements with all of the Education Service Centers throughout the state of Indiana. Any school or district that is a member of an Education Service Center in Indiana can receive a 33 percent discount on the web-based education data management systems from STI. In addition, the Education Service Centers will host ongoing professional development by STI trainers at a reduced price. The training and support helps school and district personnel learn how to use the tools for accurate data collection and analysis.

The nine Education Service Centers in Indiana are regional resources for supporting local educational needs. They offer programs and services that can be provided more effectively and efficiently on a cooperative basis than on an individual basis. The service centers’ members are comprised of 262 public school corporations, which can include a township school corporation, county school corporation, or a metropolitan school district. Through the partnership with STI, the Education Service Centers are able to provide its members with powerful administrative and instructional tools with local support and training, yet at an affordable price.

STI was a natural choice for the partnerships since the company was already serving more than 300 schools in Indiana. The company’s products meet the Indiana Department of Education reporting requirements and are approved by the State Board of Accounts for its Financial Management solutions.

“We are excited to offer members of the Education Service Centers in Indiana the opportunity to cost-effectively switch from software-based systems to web-based systems, which provide more flexibility and real-time data,” said Rob Fiance, CEO of STI. “Our products help educators gather and use accurate data to make better informed decisions, which ultimately impact student achievement.”

Through the partnership, members of Indiana Education Service Centers have access to the STI suite of data management systems that track virtually all education data and connect disparate data sets to create meaningful information. The products address student information, assessment, financial management, and school-to-home communication. Data can be collected and analyzed anywhere, anytime through a web-based portal. The company’s products include:

*InformationNOW, a next-generation, web-based student information system with data reporting and analysis tools. The system includes customizable administrator, teacher and parent modules, and incorporates the best practices developed over 25 years of experience in the industry, while also taking advantage of the latest technology.

*STI Assessment, a web-based formative assessment system, which can be integrated with the student information system. With thousands of items aligned to Indiana state standards, teachers and administrators can create, administer, score and report on formative assessments.

With the products from STI, schools can get the data they need when they need it to modify school services and instruction to match students’ needs. For more information, visit or phone 800-844-0884.

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STI is a leading provider of Education Data Management solutions to the K-12 market. STI’s fully integrated suite of products addresses attendance, scheduling, special education, assessment, discipline, grade reporting, professional development, fund accounting, health, and parent/teacher communications. More than 6,000 schools in 28 states use STI solutions. The company was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Mobile, Ala. For more information, phone 800-844-0884 or visit


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