New York, New York–October 24, 2006–PPTshare (, a leading provider of performance-enhancing presentation products for single users and businesses, today introduced “PPTshare File Compressor”, a desktop application that reduces the size of PowerPoint” files for easier sharing and distribution. The PPTshare File Compressor reduces the size of PowerPoint” presentation files by up to 95%, without sacrificing image quality, which eases the strain on computer networks and allows for faster email transmission.

The first in a new suite of products set to be released this year, PPTshare File Compressor eliminates the burden of transferring large files back and forth across a company’s server, which often crashes the system. The PPTshare File Compressor is easy to operate, reducing file size in seconds. Users simply drag the PPT file over the compressor icon, and then send the smaller, more portable file on to their colleagues. The smaller file is able to travel faster via email because of its reduced size, and can be built into email systems, compressing the file anytime a presentation is sent. Recipients of the compressed file can open it normally without additional software. A server edition can also search hard drives for all backlogged presentations and compress them automatically, freeing up valuable space

“Today’s multimedia savvy user is building PowerPoint presentations loaded with pictures, graphs, video and sound bytes. These files can be 100MB or more, and most computer networks are not equipped to handle that kind of volume,” explains James Ontra, CEO of Ontra Presentations. “Our PPTshare File Compressor is extremely easy to use and actually enhances the performance of media rich presentations, allowing them to load and play in significantly less time.”

The PowerPoint” Compressor is priced at $45 for individual users after the initial 10 uses. Discounts are provided for multiple users. Additionally, a server edition is available upon request.

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PPTshare is a leader in presentation management solutions for single users and large enterprises. PPTshare makes presentations easier by providing tools that help users to share, shuffle and show presentation slides and video. PPTshare is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ontra Presentations. Current clients include: Scripps Networks, Tribune Entertainment, Warner Bros. Online, BET and Bloomberg. Visit


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