Tyler, Texas–October 23, 2006 — When it comes to managing the wide range of day-to-day computer problems that arise within schools of all sizes, IT directors have several options, including hiring additional staff, bringing in consultants, or just asking teachers to wait patiently to get their issues resolved.

Since none of these situations is optimal, and all are expensive in both dollars and productivity, more districts are turning to help desk solutions, like the one created by Tyler-based LanWorks. School Help Desk, the company’s help desk application, is a popular choice for managing the workload within a school district using an application that the developers call “tech support for tech support.”

School Help Desk is a powerful web-based help desk that school districts install on their own Windows server. An annual license fee allows an unlimited number of users in the district to access the help desk through their web browser. The fee also covers all updates and enhancements that are created during the subscription period, as well as e-mail-based technical support and customizable features.

With School Help Desk, when a teacher has a problem, he or she submits an online trouble ticket alerting the IT department to the problem. Tech staffs (or consultants or the responsible faculty member) then have the ability to sort through the trouble tickets and assign and schedule maintenance easily. The help desk tracks problems, logs their status, groups like problems together and is capable of creating several different reports that make managing IT issues and tracking maintenance easier than ever before.

“School Help Desk definitely speeds up the response time for our IT staff and gets problems solved quicker for everyone,” says Lee Sleepers, Technology Director for the Bullard Independent School District in Texas.

Although there are other help desk options, School Help Desk is unique in that it has a feature that allows IT departments to write self-help modules to cover the most frequent problems that arise. This gives teachers and administrators the opportunity to access self help for common computer usage questions whenever they need it.

“In working with school districts what I have found is that the schools really like the self help feature. It reduces the workload for an overworked IT staff and pays for itself in time saved quickly year after year,” says Gary Hoehn, president of LanWorks.

Comparisons between School Help Desk and other help desk products give the Texas product high marks for its ease of use and affordability. At just $500 a year, School Help Desk is an affordable option for school districts of all sizes.

“We recognize that districts with smaller staffs and fewer teachers are not immune to computer problems. Often they have fewer people to assist in fixing problems that do arise,” Hoehn says. “So by making School Help Desk affordable, we are a solution that works for districts of all sizes.”

A demo of the program can be downloaded from the company’s web site at www.schoolhelpdesk.net. For more information, call toll free 888 858 3822.


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