In DREAM SCIENCE CLASSROOM, The Science Channel makes the education wishes of Rahway, N.J. Middle School science teacher, Brad Edwards, come true as it chronicles the design and build – with student help – of a cutting edge, futuristic science classroom. In addition to a complete makeover, the classroom was outfitted with approximately $250,000 worth of equipment and learning tools donated by Discovery Education, the National Science Teacher’s Association, COMCAST, Edmund Scientific, Diversified Woodcrafts, Inc., Einstruction, InFocus, Sargent-Welch, Science Kit & Boreal Laboratories, Smart Technology, Vernier, VWR, Elmer’s Products, Showboard and Ward’s Natural Science. DREAM SCIENCE CLASSROOM premieres Sunday, October 29 at 8 PM (ET/PT) on The Science Channel.

From the hundreds of teachers scouted for the special in the N.Y., N.J. and Connecticut area Edwards’ dedication to his students stood out as outstanding and unique. A native of Rahway, N.J., Edwards is the classic American success story – a former star athlete who earned a college scholarship and had a high-paying corporate job. Even with his success in the corporate world Edwards felt something was missing. He wanted to give back to his childhood community, a working class town where jobs have been lost and school funding has seen better days. Walking away from financial comfort, Edwards committed himself to teaching, instantly taking on two jobs at Rahway Middle School: science teacher and baseball coach. From replacing the old windows that could not be opened with new, functioning casements to a new $3,000 interactive “whiteboard” with a touch screen that connects to all of the notebook computers in the classroom; Edwards received a total classroom makeover to provide the Rahway students with a new gateway to the world of science. DREAM SCIENCE CLASSROOM is produced by Mad Dog Films Inc. Eli Kabillio is the executive producer for Mad Dog Films Inc. For The Science Channel, Allan Butler is executive producer.


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