Vancouver, WA Oct. 26, 2006–HOSTS Learning, the pacesetter in providing K-12 learning management systems and academic mentoring and intervention programs, announced today that Natomas Unified School District in Sacramento, Calif. will expand its use of the company’s nationally acclaimed program to all twelve schools in the district. The HOSTS program began as a pilot project at Natomas High School earlier this year. Using HOSTS Mentoring & Intervention program, 25 out of 57 seniors passed the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) after just 11 hours of instruction over five weeks. The same students had failed to pass the exam for the past three years.

Based on this success, Natomas will implement the complete HOSTS Learning Classroom Solution in all of its schools beginning this January.

“At Natomas, we have an unwavering commitment to educate our students to the highest learning standards and help them grow into responsible young citizens,” said Dr. Steve Farrar, superintendent of Natomas Unified School District. “When the HOSTS Learning implementation is complete, we believe that all of our students, not just our struggling seniors, will experience continuous academic progress. We couldn’t be more excited to watch them seize the opportunity to achieve at higher levels than they ever have before.”

The complete HOSTS Learning solution comprises three elements: the HOSTS Instructional Management System (IMS), HOSTS Mentoring & Intervention, and HOSTS Professional Growth & Learning products.

HOSTS IMS is a powerful classroom program that ties formative assessment data and research-based best practices together with school’s existing curriculum resources to create customized learning paths for each student.

The HOSTS Professional Growth & Learning goes one step further by helping teachers and administrators build the core competencies required for maximum student achievement. The solution’s blueprint impacts every teacher and provides a synthesis of common practices that integrates into ongoing school and/or district improvement plans. Based on 35 years of success, HOSTS Mentoring and Intervention provides research-based instructional strategies and interventions to assist teachers and community volunteers in effectively helping students who are struggling in the regular classroom. The intervention programs cover many areas, including reading and early literacy, math, English language development special education and structured mentoring.

“Educators in Natomas will soon have an incredible classroom solution that will drive data-driven decision making and individualize learning for every student. HOSTS can effectively change the face of teaching and learning for years to come,” said John Costilla, vice president of marketing and product development.

About Natomas Unified School District

Located in Sacramento, California, the urban Natomas Unified School District serves approximately 11,200 students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. The district’s student population, divided among sixteen schools is 25 percent Caucasian, 25 percent African-American, 25 percent Hispanic, 13 percent Punjabi and 12 percent other.

About HOSTS Learning

For over 35 years, HOSTS Learning solutions have helped more than one million K-12 students improve their reading skills and math proficiencies through its research-based instructional management systems, professional growth services, and mentoring and intervention programs. The HOSTS school-wide solution holds the distinction of being the only structured learning system identified as significantly reducing academic failure in both the No Child Left Behind language and the IDEA reauthorization.

Based in Vancouver, WA, HOSTS Learning solutions are currently used in more than 1,300 schools in 40 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, and El Salvador. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-833-4678.


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