SEATTLE, October 30, 2006 – Kinetic Books Company, creator and publisher of Kinetic Textbooks(TM), the next generation of digital curriculum, today announced that on October 9, the Arkansas Board of Education formally adopted the company’s three physics textbooks as part of its new recommended list of textbooks.

Two states have now adopted physics textbooks, since Kinetic Books introduced its offerings in 2005, and Kinetic Books’ full line of textbooks have been adopted in each case. Earlier this year, Utah adopted the company’s products as primary physics texts as a part of it’s statewide adoption process. Kinetic Books will continue to seek approval as other states come due for textbook review and adoption.

“Arkansas’ approval is a significant step for us,” said Mark Bretl, vice president of Kinetic Books company. “By demonstrating that our digital textbooks are comprehensive and in accord with state teaching standards, each state-wide adoption affirms our belief that this new kind of curriculum, Kinetic Textbooks, are the replacement to costly, heavy print textbooks. Unlike unconvincing e-books and .pdfs on CDs that some publishers market as digital curriculum, students and teachers enthusiastically welcome digital products designed from the ground up to take advantage of the computer. It’s like index library cards to find material versus Google.”

Kinetic Books’ three levels of physics textbooks and virtual labs provide more material for students, address different learning styles, and offer more customization for instructors and students. All this for one-third the cost of a traditional, printed textbook, starting at $24.95 per student for an enhanced, upgradeable, user-friendly alternative to print textbooks that cost $120.00 or more. Each chapter is fully interactive; the textbooks and labs include hundreds of simulations, thousands of animations, audio, video, multiple self-assessment tools for students and much more. They also weigh less, are easy to update so students have access to the most recent material, and take advantage of digital capabilities such as computer-graded homework and animated lectures.

Students and teachers around the country are enthusiastic about Kinetic Books’ digital curriculum.

“In a normal textbook we wouldn’t have been able to have the whiteboards or the simulations,” says a Wisconsin high school student. “The whiteboards make it so that people who can’t learn just by reading text (like me) are also ‘spoken’ to. It was almost like having a mini-teacher online.”

Ryan Depew, a physics instructor at Sayre School in Lexington, Kentucky believes that Kinetic Books has helped reach more students and increase class enrollment by making physics more enjoyable: “Overall, this curriculum increases the learning potential that each student has on their own. Several learning styles are addressed at once. Students with poor reading comprehension are still able to learn because they have the interactive videos and practice problems to work with. Audio learners are able to listen to the recordings. About the only thing this book doesn’t do is make kids get up and dance…though we’ve been close at times.”

About Kinetic Textbooks(TM):

Kinetic Textbooks are comprehensive textbooks built from the ground up to take advantage of computers. Unlike previous versions of electronic or interactive textbooks, which are bundled as part of traditional textbooks or do not subscribe to course work, Kinetic Textbook are comprehensive, flexible and fully interactive.

About Kinetic Books(R) Company:

Kinetic Books Company is an alternative publisher of Kinetic Textbooks(TM), the next generation of digital curriculum. Kinetic Books products are being used in hundreds of high schools and tertiary institutions in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Mexico and elsewhere. In fact, Kinetic Books products are teaching students physics in 40 US states and 15 countries. Experiment with Kinetic Books physics curriculum, or find out more about the company at Kinetic Books and Kinetic Textbook are trademarks or registered trademarks of Kinetic Books Company, Inc. All other marks are properties of their respective owners.


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