Fortify your constitutional knowledge with this collection of federal resources


To help support National Constitution Day on Sept. 17, the Federal Resources for Education Excellence (FREE) web site has compiled a special section on the U.S. Constitution. Although Sept. 17 will have come and gone before readers see this review, the site can be used throughout the school year to enhance the teaching of constitutional themes. It contains links to web pages and resources from several government agencies and nonprofit organizations, including the National Archives’ “Constitution of the United States” page, the Library of Congress’s “Constitution Day Resources” page, the National Constitution Center’s “Interactive Constitution” page, and more. At this latter page, users can search the Constitution to find relevant passages and explanations, discovering in the process how the Constitution relates to more than 300 topics–from civil rights to school prayer. Other resources contain primary-source documents, biographies of the delegates who met in 1787 to rewrite the Articles of Confederation, essays urging ratification of their proposal, and a 200-year constitutional timeline.

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