Education stakeholders now have a fresh source of news and information: eSN TechWatch, a video news magazine from the editors of eSchool News. Sponsored by streaming video provider New Dimension Media, eSN TechWatch is a 20-minute program that will bring the latest ed-tech news and information to your computer in video format.

We think web-based TV is the future of the internet, and we want to give educators news and feature stories with the same impact and sense of engagement that consumers get with the best of what’s offered by YouTube, Google Video, and television broadcasters,” said Gregg W. Downey, editor and publisher. “We also want to model a new approach to web-based video as a highly effective medium that schools and colleges can use to communicate with their constituencies.”

eSN TechWatch debuted last month with video coverage of the opening of Philadelphia’s School of the Future. Our inaugural edition of TechWatch also reported on how natural gas is fueling an ed-tech boom in Wyoming, how Yale University is posting video lectures on its web site free of charge–and why many experts believe “internet addiction” is the latest health concern on college campuses.

This month, TechWatch features an exclusive interview with Rep. Major Owens, D-N.Y., who gives his take on why support for ed tech has eroded on Capitol Hill–plus leading visionaries Vinton Cerf and Ray Kurzweil discuss what they believe the future holds for technology in schools. Check it out today. It’s available free of charge at

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