The Software & Information Industry Association, Association of American Publishers, Association of American University Press-es, National Association of College Stores, and Copy-right Clearance Center have published a new edition of a popular copyright guidebook for colleges and universities. The seventh edition of “Questions & Answers on Copyright for the Campus Community” provides answers to 31 common copyright questions, as well as other information, to help colleges understand how copyright law applies to them. The latest edition provides updated information on the use of electronic course materials and software. In recent years, many faculty members have begun posting copyrighted content on web sites and internal course management systems, where this content can be read, downloaded, and printed by students. The guidebook makes clear that the use of such content is governed by the same legal principles that apply to printed materials. “With more content now available in digital form, it is important to clarify copyright responsibilities in the digital age, and that’s what this guidebook is designed to do,” said Tracey Armstrong, chief operating officer of Copyright Clearance Center.