eLearners.com, a resource for connecting students with online education, has added a new section of its web site devoted to blogs and forums. The new section gives current and prospective online learners the opportunity to share ideas, thoughts, and concerns related to their online learning experience. The blogs allow actual online learners to share their perspectives on online learning, including such topics as time management, note taking, and career selection. The forum is designed for those considering online education to solicit advice about online degree programs, financial aid, and more. “While online learning has been around for quite some time, the challenges of deciding whether to go to school online, where to go to school online, and how to successfully navigate your way through school online are still areas of high concern for people,” said Andy Gansler, CEO of eLearners.com. “For students and prospective students, this is an excellent opportunity to share and get those questions answered by peers. For colleges and universities, this is a way … to understand the sentiment and psychology of eLearners–a burgeoning population.”