Skokie, IL, November 1–Rauland-Borg, a leader in communications and media management solutions for K-12 schools, announces the Telecenter VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) based School Intercom and PA System. Leveraging existing data network cabling, Telecenter VoIP brings crucial school safety communications throughout the entire facility; each and every classroom, entrance and hallway.

Recent events remind everyone of the need for additional and better safeguards in the school environment. “Intercoms aren’t being installed in some schools today and that greatly concerns us,” noted Stacie Dinse, Product Manager for Telecenter VoIP, “and hands-free two-way classroom communication with facility-wide paging is a vital tool in emergency situations.”

With a Telecenter VoIP Intercom and PA system, school administrators can remotely monitor and have hands-free two-way communication to any classroom within the facility. From within the facility or outside of it using a cell phone, school administrators can broadcast emergency tones, page specific areas with specialized instructions, and initiate prerecorded emergency announcements for school lock down. In addition, the ability for the front office staff to communicate with outside visitors and selectively “buzz” them into the school building is essential to keeping a facility secured. She added, “Nothing can replace the critical safety benefits than an intercom and paging system provides.”

There is often confusion in the K-12 community about VoIP technology and its advantages over legacy systems in school safety. To fill the information gap, Rauland-Borg has developed “Safety Through Communications”, a white paper discussion of VoIP applications for K-12 schools. It covers network, hardware and software considerations and includes life safety scenarios in which VoIP offers specific solutions. It is written for individuals in K-12 schools who are responsible for school safety, communications and telephony. The 15-page report is available for free by contacting the company at 800-752-7725 or by requesting a copy at .

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Rauland-Borg has been a leader in school communications systems since the 1930s and in multimedia systems for K-12 facilities for more than 15 years. Today, Rau land-Borg continues to deliver the best in state-of-the-art communications technology to school systems around the country. For more information on Rauland’s full line of K-12 communications systems, visit or call 800-752-7725.

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