November 1, 2006- RenWeb today launched a nationwide “Switch On the Power” campaign highlighting the unmatched convenience, service and support and functionality of the industry’s leading web-based school management software.

The campaign includes a nationwide 2006-2007 “POWER TOUR” of demos, displays and presentations at more than 120 ACSI, NCEA, AACS, and NAIS regional and national conferences and other events.

RenWeb Chief Executive Officer Brad Lee stated, “Our Switch on the Power Campaign is aimed at demonstrating RenWeb’s commitment to growth and how its unprecedented service and support, intuitive design and web-based infrastructure have made its installation and use as easy as flipping on a switch for more than 600 schools. We do all the work of installation, including data conversion, for one low license fee & all covered by a money-back guarantee.

Continued Lee, “RenWeb urges school administrators and staff across North America to demo the unparalleled power that is revolutionizing school management with more than one hundred and fifty features in one integrated package, accessible via the web anywhere, anytime, for parents and teachers alike.”

School administrators can experience a demo at one of the “Power Tour” locations or sign up for a demo online at To determine whether RenWeb will be at your organization’s event, contact Sharon Baker at 561-447-7380.

About RenWeb

RenWeb is enabling administrators, teachers, parents and students in more than 600 schools across North America to “switch on the power” as the leading provider of next-generation Internet-based school management software. RenWeb’s unmatched convenience and service includes complete installation of the software including conversion of data, all as part of one, low license fee, along with a client interface that provides easy access to more than 150 integrated features. Developed by a university dean, RenWeb is leading the migration of schools from client server-based to web-based systems, bringing administration, parents, students and the classroom together with anytime, anywhere access to a full range of services. Features include Admissions, Enrollment, Scheduling, Billing and Tuition Management, Lunchroom Management, Health Management, Attendance, Homework, Lesson Plans, Gradebook, Report Cards, Transcripts, Extensive Reporting Capabilities, Automated Emailing and ParentsWeb. For more information about RenWeb, visit

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