Washington, DC- November 3, 2006. The National Coalition for Technology in Education and Training (NCTET) will host an evening reception on Wednesday, February, 28, 2007 at the Botanic Gardens on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the E-rate. The Education and Libraries Networks Coalition (EdLiNC) will co-host this event.

The celebration recognizes a decade of technological progress for public and private schools and public libraries. The event will bring together Members of Congress, education technology leaders, corporate executives, administration officials and senior staff, state and local educational/library representatives, and national and state association representatives–many of whom played significant roles in the formulation, passage and implementation of the Universal Service for Schools and Libraries program , better known as the E-Rate.

Senators Rockefeller, Snowe, Kerrey and Exon (posthumous) will be honored for their visionary role in sponsoring the E-rate program- in the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

The celebratory event will be followed on Thursday, March 1, 2007 with the release at a press conference a special report highlighting the achievements of the E-rate over the last decade. Also on March 1, NCTET and EdLiNC (Education and Libraries Coalition) will co-host a Capitol Hill event that will feature roundtable conversations focusing on the future of the E-rate and its reauthorization.

“The E-rate has been a powerful catalyst for changing American education and making it possible for public and private schools and public libraries throughout the country to connect to the Internet, thereby opening up vast new horizons for students, educators and life long learners,” noted Kari Arfstrom, Associate Director of the Association of Educational Service Agencies and current President of NCTET. “We think it appropriate to celebrate the success of the E-rate and to look ahead to the future.”
The anniversary celebration is made possible through the generous support of Apple (www.apple.com), Certiport (www.certiport.com), ENA (www.ena.com), CDW (www.cdw.com), Pearson Education (www.pearsoned.com ) and Verizon ( www.verizon.com ) (as of 10/31/06).

The National Coalition for Technology in Education and Training (NCTET) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that promotes and supports the effective use of technology to improve education and training in America by acting as a convener, catalyst, and resource for relevant and timely information. NCTET’s participants include education associations, other non-profit organizations, corporations, and organizations and individuals with an interest in education technology. Based in Washington, DC, NCTET organizes policy briefings, conducts seminars, produces background papers, recognizes exemplary technology leadership, creates networking opportunities, and hosts celebratory events. NCTET works closely with other DC-based coalitions with similar interests, in particular the Education and Libraries Networks Coalition (EdLiNC).

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