PANDUIT introduces the new, full-line PAN-NET® Network Solutions Catalog (SA-NCCB34) featuring end-to-end network connectivity solutions from the work area through the telecommunications room to the data center and into the data center. New products include the WIRELESS CONNECTION” System which integrates wired and wireless networks delivering freedom and mobility, OPTICAM® Pre-Polished Fiber Optic Connectors and Installation Aiding Tool which provide higher yields and faster field terminations, the STRUCTUREDGROUND” Grounding System that maximizes uptime and protects network equipment and personnel, and the PANTHER” LS8 Hand-Held Printer with revolutionary label cut-to-length functionality. The catalog features helpful selection roadmaps for the workstation and telecommunications room, as well as new wireless and managed systems roadmaps. The catalog provides updates on emerging technologies and includes new copper and fiber cabling system selection guides, making it a valuable resource for networking professionals. In addition to the printed catalog, PANDUIT offers the catalog on CD and on the website (

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