It’s a good sign for a business when its first-quarter revenue is more than twice its revenue for the entire previous year. That was the case for identiMetrics Inc., whose fiscal first quarter ended Sept. 30. And the Malvern company doesn’t think it was a one-time blip. “The whole [biometrics] industry is really poised for just explosive growth,” said Anne Marie Dunphy, identiMetrics’ chief financial officer. IdentiMetrics’ software enables users of identification systems with number pads and bar-code and swipe-card readers to replace those devices with biometric finger scanners.

“In many cases we can sell our software and within five minutes be identifying to the host application with biometrics rather than a card,” said Raymond J. Fry, the company’s CEO. The company, which employs six, sells its software through other software vendors, as well as hardware vendors, systems integrators and value-added resellers. For example, School Check In of Tampa, Fla., recently began using identiMetrics’ software in its BioCheck system.

Fry came up with the idea behind identiMetrics when he was a principal in suburban Chicago. His school had a system in its cafeteria to enable students to use their ID cards to pay for meals, but the students kept losing their cards. Fry looked into biometrics and learned about finger-scanning systems. Rather than buy an entire system, however, he wanted to get software that would enable his school to use the system it already had. He realized that a company that could develop such software would have a good chance of success. Fry told that to Dunphy, who was an investment banker. She looked into the concept, became convinced it would work, and started identiMetrics with Fry.

IdentiMetrics’ next target market will be retailers looking for one system that can ID employees to let them in stores, sign them on and off of cash registers, and keep track of their work hours.

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