DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 8, 2006–Educators attending the Technology, Leadership and Learning (T+L) conference will get a look at the new Palm(R) Treo(TM) 680 smartphone and wireless Palm handhelds from Palm, Inc. (Nasdaq:PALM), and learn how they fit in with Palm’s vision of a Palm Connected Campus for K-12.

The Palm Connected Campus is an initiative in which mobile computing connects students, teachers, IT, administrators and staff to each other, the district or school networks, classroom assignments, curriculum and personal information. T+L, the leading show for information technology in K-12 districts, runs today through Friday at the Dallas Convention Center.

Attendees can experience Palm’s line of Treo smartphones and Palm handhelds at Palm’s booth, No. 732. They also can visit the Palm Neighborhood, where Palm Education Solution Providers are demonstrating an array of administrative, assessment and curriculum products designed to meet the technology needs of a district.

“Palm’s innovative wireless smartphones and handhelds provide great interactivity by connecting administrators, teachers and students, to integrate mobile curriculums, gauge student progress, and manage crisis situations,” says Eric Johnson, general manager of education for Palm. “The Palm Connected Campus initiative fulfills a district’s vital need for a sound mobile information-technology infrastructure.”

Palm’s mobile-computing platform includes Treo smartphones and Palm handhelds. Administrators use Treo smartphones for on-the-go access to student information systems and other information to support critical administrative functions. The recently announced Palm Treo 680 has a new, easier interface that further simplifies Treo innovations. It runs on the Palm OS(R) platform and has new design features, including an internal antenna and slimmer form factor. For further information, please see Palm’s Oct. 12 announcement: “Palm Unveils New Slim, Sleek Treo Smartphone” (http://investor.palm.com/pressdetail.cfm?ReleaseID=214409).

Palm handhelds are popular in classrooms, where students and teachers can take advantage of the more than 200 curriculum-specific applications from Palm Education Solution Providers. New research shows that school districts report 400,108 handheld devices in 2006; that number is expected to grow rapidly to 2,440,792 devices in 2011 at a rate of 36.6 percent per year. (Source: “America’s Digital Schools 2006.” The Greaves Group and The Hayes Connection).

Solutions will be on display in the Palm Neighborhood. They include a wide range of mobile and wireless applications for Palm handhelds and smartphones from the following companies.

— Education Technology Labs — Personal Teaching(TM) from Education Technology Labs (www.edtechlabs.org), a non-profit research and development corporation, is technology that allows K-12 teachers to send electronic content, homework and tests wirelessly(1) to students’ Palm handheld computers. Students use the content, do the homework or test and send it back to the teacher wirelessly. Personal Teaching gives teachers the tools they need to effectively use the whole spectrum of digital media and materials. They can use their own prepared materials, along with materials licensed by their school or district, in a setting under their own structure and control.

— ImagiWorks(TM) — The ImagiProbe sensor-based systems provide hardware and software for Palm OS handhelds with Bluetooth(R) wireless technology to enable data collection, real-time visualization and reflection in an easy-to-use, compact package. The systems include the new ImagiProbe Wireless Sensing System from ImagiWorks (www.imagiworks.com).

— Leading Step — Leading Step, Inc.
(http://www.leadingstep.com) creates fun, educational games for children from grades 2-12 to help them improve their skills in grammar, spelling, geometry and math. The games are played on Palm OS handhelds, which provide parents and teachers a low-cost means of increasing access to computers and learning software among children. Leading Step’s newest series, Grammar Games, helps students identify parts of speech (such as nouns, verbs and adjectives) and parts of a sentence (such as subject, predicate and prepositional phrases). The Stepping Up Series from Leading Step includes the fun games “Shape Up: Geometry” and “Size It Up.” These games challenge children to learn about shapes and numbers. Leading Step also produces the Champ Series, which allows kids to practice their weekly spelling words and basic math tables.

— Liberty Solutions — Tango Software (http://www.tango-software.com) from Liberty Solutions has powerful capabilities that give today’s educators a huge advantage: a simplified way to manage educational data. Tango Software automatically collects and analyzes data from any assessment using Palm handhelds, producing the most important information required to make the best curriculum instruction decisions. Tango Software helps ease accountability issues, improve student achievement, identify successful teaching methods and develop early intervention strategies. Tango can monitor grants and special populations and allow educators to set and track measurable performance goals. Tango Software empowers educators, parents and students with instant information that will help increase the quality and quantity of instruction.

— TriBeam Technologies, Inc. — TriBeam (http://www.tribeam.com) takes beaming to the extreme with its alternative wireless solution for Palm handhelds. Software boosts the built-in infrared port, enabling it to reach 50 feet or more. TriBeam’s newest infrared beaming station provides true two-way wireless for the whole class. This plug-and-play product links the teacher and students to the school’s network resources and to the Internet. With the broadcast feature, teachers can select web pages and broadcast them to the entire class at the same time. The teacher also can broadcast assignments, eBooks, schedules, and Palm OS applications.

— TruSmart Technologies — TruSmart Technologies (http://www.trusmart.com) is a leading provider of software solutions for Palm handhelds and smartphones in schools across the United States. ScheduleFinder software provides instant access to student schedules, photo IDs, parent/guardian contact information, grades, and attendance records on a Palm device. Administrators also have the ability to generate lists of students in a variety of ways, including room, bus, or locker-number searches. Depending upon the Palm model, features may include the ability to scan student ID badges, capture and store photo records, and directly dial parent/guardian phone numbers.

About Palm, Inc.

Palm, Inc., a leader in mobile computing, strives to put the power of computing in people’s hands so they can access and share their most important information. The company’s products for consumers, mobile professionals and businesses include Palm(R) Treo(TM) smartphones, Palm handheld computers, and Palm LifeDrive(TM) mobile managers, as well as software, services and accessories.

Palm products are sold through select Internet, retail, reseller and wireless operator channels throughout the world, and at Palm Retail Stores and Palm online stores (http://www.palm.com/store).

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