INDIANAPOLIS, IN (November 8, 2006) –Winona State University has selected Indianapolis-based DyKnow®, a leader in interactive classroom education technology, to leverage one of the largest university Tablet PC deployments in the country.

Minnesota-based WSU, which is ranked among U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges, has distributed an additional 4,000 Gateway Tablet PCs to its student body. As this initiative grows to 8,000 Tablets, hundreds of WSU computers will be loaded with DyKnow Vision® and Monitor® software (, the intent being to expand the use of DyKnow software over a multi-year period.

“Our goal with such a historic project was not to just introduce technology into the classroom, but to allow instructors to transform the classroom, engaging the students in deeper, more collaborative learning in ways that they simply cannot do without the technology,” said Ken Graetz, director of E-learning at WSU. “We looked at a number of products and DyKnow was the most robust educational solution that met our demands of student engagement, time savings, IT scalability and overall institutional return on investment. DyKnow Vision is not just about taking notes or being able to replay classroom whiteboard information later. Although these are very strong and compelling features, it’s really all about supporting new, constructive, active and collaborative methods for teaching and learning that allow us to finally begin to realize the academic promise of one-to-one computing initiatives and digital ink.”

Winner of Technology & Learning’s Award for Excellence, DyKnow Vision software empowers educators to present prepared and spontaneous class notes that appear on each student’s computer screen. With an accurate copy of the teacher’s notes, students no longer struggle to copy everything from the teacher’s presentation and can easily add their personalized notes to create an electronic notebook. Notes are saved and can be replayed at a later date for review. DyKnow Vision also allows students and teachers to share content with each other. The companion DyKnow Monitor software provides teachers total control of their classroom in a wireless environment through viewing thumbnails of student screens, blocking applications and blanking screens.

DyKnow President Laura Small echoed Graetz’s support of the university’s landmark initiative. “Winona State is pioneering the enterprise use of Tablet PC learning technology. The university’s vision to improve its students’ learning experience through the effective use of a comprehensive educational solution in its classrooms will stand as a model for other schools throughout the country.”

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A leader in interactive education, DyKnow combines sound teaching with intuitive technology to create flexible, scalable and secure software for teaching and learning. Teachers can use the DyKnow software solution to eliminate electronic distraction while fostering interaction through collaborative note taking, student response tools, content replay, and anywhere, anytime access. Learn more by visiting For media inquiries, contact Ginger Kadlec, Vice President, Operations at DyKnow at (317) 275-5894.

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