AUSTIN, TEXAS (Nov. 8, 2006)–The America’s Digital Schools 2006 survey found that the majority of superintendents agree that ubiquitous technology allows teachers to spend more one-on-one time with students and to personalize the education experience to each student’s needs. With these advantages comes the need to adapt to new ways of managing and assessing student work.

To meet this challenge, Fourier Systems has partnered with GoKnow Learning and the company’s classroom-proven solution for handhelds, Handheld Learning Environment (HLE). Now bundled with the Nova5000, HLE provides educators with an easy and efficient tool for managing, assessing and backing-up student work. In addition, PAAM, the classroom synchronization manager from GoKnow also will be preinstalled on the Nova5000.

“HLE will integrate the various applications offered on the Nova5000, including Inspiration, the graphic calculator from MRI and science probeware from Fourier,”said Elliot Soloway, PhD, president of GoKnow Learning. “There is a wonderful harmony between our solutions and the Nova5000–hardware and software tools that provide a coherent, easy-to-use teaching and learning environment on one mobile platform.”

Backed by 10 years of scientific research from the University of Michigan, HLE delivers the full benefits of technology education and provides productivity applications expressly designed for K-12 students. HLE works well with existing lessons and curriculum, while simplifying the management and assessment of student materials.

“The Nova5000 offers educators a price performing computing solution,” said Tom Fitzgerald, CEO of Fourier U.S.A. “And when combined with powerful industry-leading software tools like those offered by GoKnow Learning, the combination adds real instructional value, giving students the advantages of using a 1:1 solution and educators the practical tools necessary to run a 1:1 classroom.”

In addition to HLE, PAAM enables teachers to effectively manage and assess student documents created on their Nova5000 units. When students sync their units, PAAM retrieves their documents and stores them on a secure Web site. From any networked computer, teachers can review and assess student work, distribute assignments and provide feedback.

“We are very excited to be one of the first districts to experience the benefits of the Fourier Systems and GoKnow Learning partnership,” said Sharon Sprayberry, Director of Instructional Technology, Goose Creek CISD in Texas. “Our sixth grade classrooms will be introduced to the Nova5000 using the HLE and PAAM environment later this year, and we know our students and teachers are going to love this easy-to-use handheld learning device loaded with applications that will support and accelerate their existing curriculum.”

Bridging the gap between cost-prohibitive laptops and less functional handheld devices, pricing on a single unit Nova5000 when bundled with GoKnow software is around $600, but resellers should be contacted directly for exact pricing.

About GoKnow Learning

A spin off from the University of Michigan in 2001, GoKnow Learning, Inc., is the premier provider of educational software, curriculum and professional development for mobile, handheld computers. GoKnow’s products provide new opportunities for teaching and learning with technology. There is scientifically-based research (SBR) that establishes the effectiveness of GoKnow’s Handheld Learning Environment for science education. For more information, visit or phone 877-482-3439.

About Fourier Systems, Ltd.

Established in 1989, Fourier is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of compact portable data logging devices and accessories for the education market. The company’s science kits continue to push the standards of science education higher, now in over 30 countries around the world. With the wide range of sensors, user-friendly software and relevant curriculum material, Fourier’s products demonstrate a commitment to high quality. Fourier has earned accolades both nationally and internationally, including the Worlddidac award for the EcoLog and ExperiNet. For more information, visit or phone 866-352-6994.

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