(London Ontario) November 9th, 2006

Lack of time, and money are two of the biggest challenges facing education today. CoreSolutions Development Inc., a London, Ontario based software company, is hoping to combat these issues with the Canada wide launch of a powerful new version of its already successful professional development management software. PD Place version 3.0 guarantees that staff development personnel will no longer be overwhelmed by details, or bogged down by logistics.

This easy to use software provides instant online registration, allows staff equal access to training opportunities, tracks and records a history of professional development for each individual, and virtually eliminates paperwork and phone calls.

“PD Place has a fully searchable course catalogue online, so paper and printing costs are virtually eliminated,” says Barney Lawn, President and CEO of CoreSolutions Development Inc. “Organizations can now take the time and money they will save by using PD Place, and re-allocate it to help improve the quality of program delivery.”

Over 50,000 users in 18 school boards are currently enjoying the many benefits offered by PD Place. Patrick Dunne, former Director of Education with the London District Catholic School Board, and current Political Science Professor at Kings University College, is just one of the many product advocates whose support has contributed to the success of PD Place.

“The delivery of quality professional development is always a challenge,” says Dunne. “That challenge is significantly reduced when virtually all of the logistics associated with delivery are handled by an on-line registrar.”

PD Place has over 270 customizable options and the flexibility to meet Board, District, State, and Federal requirements for transparency and accountability.

For more information on PD Place go to www.pd-place.com, or to participate in a demonstration of PD Place, please call 1-800-650-8882 and ask to speak to a PD Place representative.

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