ST. LOUIS, MO, November 10, 2006 — With many educational software publishers slowing down their production and limiting their customers’ platform preferences, GAMCO continues to offer education professionals the selection they want and the versatility they need.

In the past year alone, GAMCO released more than 15 new titles for grades K-9 that cover subject areas ranging from spelling and writing to punctuation and research. These programs include features such as access to students’ writings, the ability to make voice recordings, and reports containing the raw percentage scores over time. Another special feature, its brand-new teacher management system, tracks student progress, allows parameter modifications, and provides teachers with the robust reporting they need to inform instruction.

“We’re here to give the schools the tools they need to help their students succeed,” said Robin Tinker, Vice President of Marketing for GAMCO. “With over 50 years’ experience creating educational products, we make sure our software’s content is research-based and matches each state’s standards. Educators love GAMCO products because they are motivating to the students and provide essential time-on-task with key skills.”

Teachers also love that they can customize each program to match student needs, deciding the number of problems or questions students will answer, setting the difficulty level by selecting specific skills, choosing the mastery percentage students must reach to play a reward game, and determining the length of game and speed of play. With GAMCO, educators can offer differentiated instruction.

GAMCO understands that schools cannot afford to switch computer platforms to suit educational software, so all of its new software titles are available on both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. GAMCO titles are great for use in the classroom for whole class instruction or in the lab, so GAMCO titles are available for single computers, labs, and unlimited network/site licenses, with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.
To further assist customers, GAMCO has launched its new Web site, adding such new features as a shopping cart. In addition, educators can download a free single license of a popular reading program at the Web site.

GAMCO titles,, are published by Siboney Learning Group, a dynamic publisher, integrator, and provider of comprehensive and motivational software.

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