NORTH BILLERICA, Mass., November 15, 2006 Educators are very busy with their day-to-day schedule and rarely have the opportunity to stay current on trends and current happenings in education. Curriculum Associates, a leading publisher of research-based supplemental curriculum materials and tools for today’s diverse classrooms, is making those opportunities more readily available with the launch of monthly podcasts. Accessible via, the podcasts will provide educators with hot topics on up-to-date information, as well as ideas on incorporating Curriculum Associates’ products with current events training.

Also known by names such as webcasts or online broadcasts, a podcast is a multimedia file that can be automatically downloaded to subscribers’ personal computers and also played on mobile devices such as iPods. Curriculum Associates’ software development manager, Gavin Benson, and national consultant, Lauren Armour, are developing the new podcast series.

The first two podcasts are currently available and focus on writing. In the first, Armour discusses how helping young writers to know their audience will enhance their writing abilities and strategies. In the second podcast, Armour focuses on sharing writing and encouraging constructive comments. According to Benson and Armour, “These podcasts are a great way to provide up-to-date information to customers in an informal format. The podcasts allow us to share our expertise in reading, math, and assessment and to tie these topics to issues facing educators and current events.”

Future topics will include assessing English language learners and early childhood outcomes, as well as experiences gained from attending major educational conferences. “We look at the podcasts as being an “insightful reporting” tool. Content will range from general topics to updates on CA101® training programs. In each podcast we are also providing educators with related materials such as suggestions, tips, hints and books that they can use after listening to a specific podcast,” said Frank Ferguson, the president of Curriculum Associates.

Educators can subscribe to the new podcast series through iTunes v. 6 or later, as well as other podcast software. A “Listen Now” button also provides educators direct access to the content directly from Curriculum Associates’ Professional Development Web page:

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