NSBA T&L Conference–Dallas, Texas–November 8, 2006–RM Educational Software, a subsidiary of RM Plc, the UK’s leading provider of ICT in education
announced today a strategic partnership with eInstruction that combines the instructional focus of RM Easiteach software and the established Classroom Performance System (CPS) to create a powerful and cost-effective classroom solution. Educators can now engage their students in exciting and motivational ways using RM Easiteach and the CPS Chalkboard.

“We are excited about working with eInstruction here in the U.S. as we are now able to offer a complete teaching and learning environment that has demonstrated tangible improvement to student achievement. This partnership is a testament to how our development team is working to understand the requirements of U.S. education to provide a platform that saves teachers time, improves student motivation and ultimately leads to higher standards,” says Kevin Pawsey, Managing Director of RM Educational Software, Inc.

The RM Education-eInstruction partnership demonstrates 21st century leadership to support the growing need to prepare students with vital digital literacy skills, while enhancing student achievement. The seamless integration of RM
Easiteach whole-class teaching tools software and eInstruction’s CPS wireless Chalkboard will provide teachers with the mobility to further engage students by sharing the interactive tablet that mimics the power of an interactive whiteboard.

“eInstruction has a long history of partnering with best of breed solutions providers. RM and its award-winning RM Easiteach software are a perfect
compliment to eInstruction’s CPS Chalkboard. Partnering with a world-class organization and solution enable eInstruction to bring the best solutions and value to the education market,” says Darren Ward, Vice-President, Business
Development, eInstruction.

About RM Easiteach

RM Easiteach is a powerful and flexible K-12 whole-class teaching software solution which runs on all brands of interactive whiteboards and other remote pointing devices. Designed to provide subject specific teaching tools, this award
winning software can transform the teaching experience for educators and the learning experience of their students. Simple to learn and easy to use, RM Easiteach software enables teachers to build exciting and flexible multimedia
lessons by creating visual and animated models to teach concepts and processes. The visual impact and the interactivity of RM Easiteach captures the
students’ imagination. It makes learning engaging, motivating and fun for both student and teacher alike.

About RM Educational Software Inc.

RM Educational Software Inc. (www.rmeducation.com) is a subsidiary of RM Plc UK (www.rm.com), a leading provider of ICT software, services and
infrastructure to schools, colleges and universities. RM Plc is quoted on the UK
stock exchange (London Stock Exchange: RM.), has revenues in excess of $450m US per annum and offices in the UK, India, North America and Australia.

Founded in 1973, the company has spent over 30 years designing transformational solutions for education that are based on the needs of teachers
and learners in the classroom. RM offers a whole host of education services, from hardware and software products to helping schools develop long term strategic ICT plans.

About eInstruction

Headquartered in Denton, Texas, eInstruction Corporation is a leader in the educational technology industry. With the introduction of the Classroom Performance System (CPS) in 2000, eInstruction is now the unquestioned educational leader in real-time, interactive wireless response pad technology with over 2 million response pads now being used in all 50 states in thousands of k-12 schools as well as over 600 universities and 10 foreign countries. eInstruction was founded in 1981, by Dr. Darrell L. Ward, a long-time researcher and teacher.

He recognized a significant need in educational institutions for innovative technology-based products. Many years of consistent cutting-edge research and development have earned eInstruction a reputation of excellence in the education market. eInstruction Corporation is committed to providing innovative products that enhance the learning process in corporations and educational
institutions through the use of computer-based technology, software, and the Internet.

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