BURLINGTON, ON–October 26, 2006–The Administrative Assistants Ltd. (aal), a leading provider of enterprise-wide student information systems for the K-12 market, was proud to announce that its software solution BCeSIS was awarded the bronze medal at the 2006 GTEC National Distinction Awards. The award was presented October 24, 2006 in Ottawa at the Government Technology Exhibition Conference, an event for public sector information technology professionals in Canada.

The BCeSIS project facilitates the use of eSIS®by school districts throughout the province of British Columbia, Canada with an integrated system to manage student information. BCeSIS manages functions such as student admission and registration, course management, and scheduling, attendance, special education, incidents, report cards, and more. It will bring information for the approximately 600,000 students in all the 2,000 schools in the province into one, powerful web EDMS (Educational Data Management System). Collaboratively developed by school boards, independent schools, and the BC Ministry of Education, BCeSIS replaces 25 systems previously used across British Columbia. BCeSIS provides functions that enhance communication to all education stakeholders, address reporting and management needs, improve student and school performance, and helps drive education policy decisions. By integrating high quality, timely information to support data-driven decision-making, the system will reduce information management costs and administrative overhead while enabling teachers to monitor and improve student achievement.

The Canadian GTEC National Distinction Awards Program is designed to formally recognize and celebrate leadership, innovation, and excellence in enabling and managing e-government within the public sector. The award categories in 2006 reflect the evolving public sector service delivery environment, and the increasing interdependence within and among the various levels of government. In addition to specific categories for federal, provincial, and municipal nominations, a group of 21 awards is open to all levels of government.

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aal’s eSISis designed as a complete, web based real-time information system for the tracking and management of student data from pre-kindergarten through grade 12, and into adult/continuing education. This enterprise-wide system is engineered for optimal performance and ease of use by school districts, regional education agencies, application service providers, and state departments of education. For more information, visit www.aalsolutions.com


BCeSIS provides districts throughout British Columbia with an integrated central system to manage student information. Schools will use the Provincial Learning Network to access student performance information and results from one location–improving student achievement by ensuring educational goals are being met.

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