Brantford, Ontario, September 5, 2006–The Administrative Assistants Ltd. (aal), developer of specialized student information software for the North American market, today announced that Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board successfully implemented eSIS®. eSIS®has once again been selected as the system of choice to serve approximately 11,000 students in 35 schools.

eSIS®will provide school administrators, teachers, and professional staff with a web-based solution to more effectively manage student information. From student records and bus schedules to nurse and health records, authorized users will be able to access real-time, up to the minute statistics and information from any computer. Multiple levels of security will ensure only authorized users access the districts’ student information.

“We wanted to use aal’s data management product from the outset, because it is the most commonly-used throughout the U.S., and growing in prevalence across Canada. I think this company’s experience with meeting the quite diverse needs of U.S. district school boards is the reason a growing number of school boards in Ontario are choosing aal. Not only is aal the leader in terms of experience and expertise, they have also developed strategic alliances with other vendors; integration of technologies makes information management a whole lot smoother. Furthermore, aal uses industry-standard Oracle database technology while keeping a vigilant eye on new advances. However, as a small board, we were unsure whether we could do it. When we approached aal with the idea of working with us as part of a consortium of several small boards, we were thrilled with their enthusiastic response. In fact, aal was instrumental in bringing key members to the table. Throughout the implementation, aal’s people were top-notch — from the initial contacts with sales people, right through to the detailed work with data specialists. Their ability to make changes quickly is something we appreciate, as well as the flexibility in adapting the product to our needs.” – Tony Castagna, Manager of Information Technology, Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board.

Through eSIS®, Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board district users will enjoy benefits such as:

*Teachers will have classroom access to up-to-date student information immediately

*Staff will be able to manage and check teacher and student schedules on an individual basis

*Administrators will be able to analyze information district-wide and in real time

*Systems departments will benefit from a more intuitive system for all users, which will reduce support

Additional Information

For 20 years, aal has specialized in the development and implementation of education data management systems. Recognized as one of the most powerful, richly-featured web-based systems available today, aal’s eSIS®is implemented in over 7,000 schools and is the solution of choice for state and school across North America. With eSIS®, student and school data is available enterprise-wide and at any level (province or state, multiple or single district, and school). eSIS®is also SIF-certified, making it possible to integrate and capture more information about students without redundant data entry.

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