Arlington, Va. (Nov. 16, 2006) – The Biotechnology Institute, the national biotechnology education organization, has released the Fall 2006 online issue of Your World: Biotechnology & You, the educational biotechnology magazine for 7th-12th grade students. The full version of the issue, which focuses on biofuels, can be downloaded for free at

“Biotechnology is key to making alternative energy sources easier-and more affordable-to produce,” says Kathy Frame, editor of Your World. “Unlike fossil fuels, bio-based fuels come from natural sources that can be replaced quickly Along with corn, there are many other grains, grasses, trees–and even mud–that are being investigated for their usefulness and environmental friendliness as alternative fuel sources. This issue helps students explore the technology, science, and the growing career opportunities in this emerging field.”

The magazine, which is published twice a year, is a curriculum supplement for teachers who want to bring biotechnology to life in the classroom. Each issue of the full-color magazine combines balanced, in-depth information on a single biotechnology topic by looking at the science of biotechnology and its practical applications in health care, agriculture, the environment, and industry. Issues also come with an online teacher’s guide that links to the National Science Education Standards and provides tips on how to use the magazine and additional labs and exercises.

Your World is one of several initiatives of the Biotechnology Institute that support its mission to engage and excite teachers and students about the promise and challenges of biotechnology. Through year-round programs, the Institute is creating the foundation for understanding and awareness about biotechnology among teachers and students–and building the next generation of leaders in the industry.

Each annual print subscription of Your World includes the fall and spring issues and entitles subscribing teachers to 30 copies each, enough for an entire classroom. Ceres, Codexis, US Department of Energy, Dupont, Genencor, General Motors, and Metabolix provided special funding for the Fall 2006 issue. Centocor, Inc., and Ortho Biotech generously sponsor Your World magazine, making the magazine available to a wide audience of students and teachers. For subscription information, see

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The Biotechnology Institute is as an independent, national nonprofit organization dedicated to education about the present and future impact of biotechnology. Its mission is to engage, excite and educate the public, particularly students and teachers, about biotechnology and its immense potential for solving human health, food and environmental problems. For more information, visit

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