WALLINGFORD, Conn.–November 20, 2006–VBrick Systems, Inc., the world leader in digital video systems and solutions, today introduced a new version of its WM Appliance, which enables organizations to deliver Internet Protocol (IP) video to remote sites by sidestepping low-bandwidth connectivity roadblocks. The new VBrick WM Appliance provides robust digital video to all enterprise locations–empowering organizations to expand communications with workers, partners, prospects, and customers worldwide. The VBrick WM Appliance offers live and on demand video in the ubiquitous Windows Media format to simplify user access to dynamic digital content.

The requirement to communicate with employees and additional audiences quickly and effectively is essential to business success. Delivering clear, consistent messages globally is difficult because traditional communications such as memos, e-mails, and voice messages are often ignored or misinterpreted. To overcome these communications challenges, organizations are increasingly using digital video to reach their key stakeholders. However, low-bandwidth links to branch offices, coupled with the lack of onsite IT expertise, create significant hurdles to distributing digital video across global enterprises.

New VBrick WM Appliance Reflector capabilities remove digital video access barriers by enabling organizations to stream, store, and replay digital video presentations and content regardless of location. Live delivery, combined with storing and “time-shifting” video files on VBrick WM Appliances, enable users across the globe to view and replay important corporate communications, product training, digital signage, and other valuable content during their traditional workdays.

“Clear communication is critical to ensuring that all cogs in the business engine interlock seamlessly to drive corporate growth,” said Joe Mendonca, director of streaming technologies, HB Communications, Inc. “VBrick’s new WM Appliance Reflector feature enables organizations to provide clear and powerful video applications to branch offices and employees located across the globe.”

The new Reflector functionality enables a VBrick WM Appliance to broadcast one stream across a low-bandwidth Wide Area Network (WAN) link. A second VBrick appliance located at a branch office receives the WAN stream and then retransmits the video to an unlimited number of branch office viewers or to another VBrick appliance. An optional WM Appliance hard drive enables branch offices to record and replay video segments anytime.

For example, a CEO in Atlanta delivers an executive broadcast live to all United States offices. At the same time, VBrick appliances deployed at Hong Kong and London international branch offices record the video for replay during local viewing hours.

“The global marketplace and increasingly distributed workforce is requiring business to communicate with employees located anywhere quickly and economically,” said Steve Vonder Haar, founder and research director, Interactive Media Strategies. “VBrick addresses a critical business gap by enabling organizations to deliver digital video reliably to all employees across diverse network environments.”

Thousands of customers have already deployed VBrick’s encoding appliances, video on demand servers, and set-top boxes to deliver video over their IP networks. The new WM Appliance Reflector capability enables customers to broadcast video to all global locations–even small offices with limited bandwidth and IT resources. Due to their unmatched reliability and appliance form factor, deploying VBrick appliances at remote locations significantly reduces management burdens. Also, when compared to expensive and inefficient video distribution methods such as satellite transmission or producing and shipping DVDs, the WM Appliance Reflector Return on Investment (ROI) benefits are clear.

“VBrick continues to provide effective communications tools that unite geographies and foster new levels of collaboration and productivity,” said Andy Howard, director of corporate marketing, VBrick Systems, Inc. “With new WM Network Video Appliance Reflector capabilities, VBrick again extends the reach and availability of digital video to organizations virtually anywhere.”

A leader in key digital media market segments, VBrick owns more than 40 percent of the global corporate encoder market, according to Frost & Sullivan*. VBrick network video appliances provide the enterprise-class performance to deliver live and stored video across the globe. Approximately the size of a dictionary, VBrick video appliances digitize, transmit, receive, and record IP video for live video streaming and additional applications. VBrick network video appliances support multiple digital video standards to provide users with the flexibility to record and view digital video in multiple formats.

About VBrick Systems, Inc.

VBrick Systems, Inc. is the world’s most reliable provider of standards-based video networking solutions to educational institutions, corporations and governments. VBrick, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, has garnered numerous industry accolades including the Deloitte Technology Fast 500, Connecticut Technology Fast 50, and the National Association of Broadcaster’s (NAB) Award for Innovation in Media in the Content Delivery category. Based in Wallingford, Connecticut, USA, VBrick’s products are distributed through industry-leading value-added resellers, system integrators and distributors. Find out more at www.VBrick.com.

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