WATERTOWN, MA November 16, 2006- Tom Snyder Productions, a Scholastic company, today announced that FASTT Math®, the leading math fact fluency software program, closely aligns to Curriculum Focal Points, recently published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). FASTT Math helps students build fluency and quick recall of math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, which are identified in the NCTM’s Curriculum Focal Points as crucial components of early math education.

“We have long agreed with NCTM on the need for balance between conceptual and procedural content in the math curriculum,” said David Dockterman, Editor and Chief Academic Officer at Tom Snyder Productions. “The new focal points guide teachers about what to emphasize and when. Quick recall of math facts is one of those critical skills that students need to master early for later academic success.”

Developed by Dr. Ted Hasselbring, the creator of the reading intervention program READ 180®, FASTT Math has been successfully implemented by a growing number of school districts across the country. The program automatically differentiates instruction and practice based on each student’s individual fluency gaps in customized 10-minute daily sessions. In addition, the interface is easy-to-use and highly motivating for students.
Janet Boatman, Middle School Mathematics Supervisor in Hillsborough County found FASTT Math when she was searching for a solution to improve math fact fluency in their elementary and middle school students. According to Boatman, “We’ve been using FASTT Math in our district for a year now and have seen students making progress and mastering basic facts. FASTT Math develops the fluency with basic facts that is a part of the new NCTM Focal Points. In Florida, we began using the Focal Points to help us redesign the Sunshine State Standards.”

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