CYPRESS, CA, November 20, 2006–FOR-A Corporation of America is announcing several sales of its VPS-700 GINGA digital switcher within the State of South Carolina. These sales underscore the strong market demand that FOR-A has seen for its compact yet versatile production switcher worldwide.

Among the VPS-700’s newest South Carolina customers are: the South Carolina Lottery Commission; the University of South Carolina at Aiken (USCA); and the South Carolina Educational Television Commission (ETV).

The South Carolina Lottery Commission, which runs the South Carolina Lottery and Powerball Lottery, now uses the VPS-700 switcher within its video production facility.

Located in Aiken, SC., USCA is a highly ranked liberal arts college serving over 3,100 undergraduate students. To promote professional video production skills, the University is now using the VPS-700 switcher as an educational tool for its communications courses.

And the South Carolina Educational Television Commission (SC ETV), based in Columbia, SC, is now using the VPS-700 to support the extensive programming efforts related to its public television network of 11 television stations and eight radio stations serving the State of Carolina. SC ETV also provides closed circuit educational telecommunications services delivered to over 2,000 schools, colleges, businesses, and governmental agencies.

The name “GINGA” means “galaxy” in Japanese, and the VPS-700 represents a universe of options for users. The system’s unique configuration of two 2D digital video effects (or DVE’s) for every input results in the delivery up to 32 DVE channels and total flexibility for multi-source productions. The system also offers six channels of 3D DVE capability.

The VPS-700 switcher comes standard with eight inputs and outputs, both of which can be expanded to 16. A unique feature on the VPS-700 is that each input has its own frame synchronizer and still store. And, the VPS-700 also features extensive keying capability, including four M/E keyers and two downstream keyers (DSKs), capable of linear, luminance, chroma, edge/shadow generation, and key mask functions.

“In terms of the history of switchers, the VPS-700 GINGA is the ‘Big Bang,'” said Susumu Hotta, General Manager, FOR-A Corporation of America. “With the VPS-700’s independent 2D DVE on every input plus the combiner function to mix the multi-DVE window images and additional six 3D DVE channels, your production limit is your imagination.”

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