Washington, DC–Anne-Imelda M. Radice, Director of the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), today launched Connecting to
Collections: The IMLS Conservation Initiative. In her keynote address to the annual meeting of Heritage Preservation, Dr. Radice described key components of the initiative, which will be the centerpiece of the Institute’s tenth anniversary year.

“Our nation’s collections are an essential part of the American story, and I feel a profound responsibility to make care of collections as much a part of the nation’s consciousness as the care of our natural environment,” said Dr. Radice. “With this new initiative, we will raise public awareness about the value of these collections and provide momentum that can be leveraged in leadership activities by other federal agencies, state and local officials, and private funders. If we work together, the next time we take the temperature of our heritage’s health we will find the patient much improved.”

The launch of Connecting to Collections follows the release earlier this year of “A Public Trust at Risk: A Report of the Heritage Health Index,” a study conducted by Heritage Preservation in partnership with IMLS that identified severe inadequacies in current collections care practices and outlined steps to help remedy the problem.

Dr. Radice outlined three components of the new IMLS initiative:

* A national conservation summit to be held in Washington, DC June 2007 followed by regional summits which will begin in the fall of 2007 and continue through the fall of 2008.

* A “conservation bookshelf” that will comprise core texts in collections care and be made available to all summit participants and, through a streamlined competitive process, be distributed annually.

* $500,000 in grants to create statewide plans to address the issues raised in the Heritage Health Index.

View the full text of Dr. Radice’s keynote address at www.imls.gov/news/speeches/111506.shtm.

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