A new version of SANAKO’s breakthrough Study teaching software has been launched, offering teachers important resources to help improve teaching in the ICT environment. At the same time, new software modules have been released to broaden and deepen learning in a modern setting.

Version 2.0 of the Study software introduces new features such as a whiteboard and marker tool that help support collaboration and interaction in teaching and learning, and also promote better learning results by providing new and stimulating ways for students to with digital material.

The easy-to-use class files feature helps teachers quickly set up the digital learning environment so that it’s faster and easier to get started with actual teaching activity–students get the benefit of more learning exposure, and teachers have more time to achieve their teaching objectives!

The new modules released for use with SANAKO Study 500 and Study 1200 ensure that teachers have additional resources to enhance classroom activity, while providing students with more varied learning material–the result is enhanced teaching and learning outcomes!

New Modules offer More Learning Possibilities

SANAKO Study Blackboard Module* provides teachers with instant access to the Blackboard® LMS by creating a “portal” in the study software, through which teachers can access learning materials for live classroom teaching. This module brings the blended learning approach even closer to teachers and students, and enhances the value of both self-paced and teacher-led learning. This module can be used with both Study 500 and Study 1200.

Designed for use with Study 500, SANAKO Content Authoring Module gives teachers power and flexibility by helping them to quickly and easily create original learning material that combines text, audio, video and images. Students will find the combination of different media exciting and stimulating, while teachers can create unique content that focuses students on specific development areas.

The software and modules are compatible with the Microsoft .NET platform, and will also support the future Microsoft Vista® technology. They are SCORM-compatible, making them a must for use with LMS systems such as Blackboard Learning Systems®.

SANAKO Study software and its range of accompanying plug-in modules provide schools with a complete solution for teaching across the curriculum, and at all levels.

* The SANAKO Study Blackboard Module functions with a Windows® server.

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SANAKO Corporation

SANAKO, formerly Tandberg Educational, is a learning technology company developing language teaching solutions, teaching software, virtual learning and professional development solutions, as well as supplying customer services. Today’s solutions include modern software, wireless and mobile systems that act as a catalyst for improving teaching outcomes by motivating learning. We are the world leader in live language learning technology.

Our sales network reaches customers all over the world and we’ve provided Tandberg Educational Quality to satisfied users in over 100 countries. We serve our customers through a network of resellers in 70 countries. Based in Finland, the company has sales offices in China, France, UAE, UK and US. SANAKO is a Microsoft® Certified Partner and Blackboard Building Blocks community member.

SANAKO Study software v 2.0 and new Study Blackboard and Content Authoring modules introduce more learning power for teachers and students working in IT classrooms.

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