“My high school students have great success with Issues & Controversies (debate, mock trial) and now Issues in American History. Our main academic goal is critical thinking, so the fact that students can read both sides of a controversial issue MAKES them think. The quality of the sources is such that we allow it as a resource…”
Kathryn Hardesty, Bellevue WA

(New York, NY- November 28, 2006) – Facts On File News Services, an iconic publisher of news reference, brings a new way for researchers and students to enrich their understanding of the most contentious issues of the past. Recently released, Issues & Controversies in American History is a searchable, interlinked online subscription database written, researched and delivered especially for students and educators. Concise, balanced original articles, primary source documents, diaries, speeches and interviews bring history to life, not as dry names and dates, but as turning points where our future hung in the balance and opinions raged on all sides. This database, perfect for Grades 7 and up, builds a deeper understanding of how key historical events have shaped our nation by taking students into the minds of key players and into the center of the battles they fought.

Key features include:

*discussion questions and activities

*extensive range of topics, from the birth of the nation through the 2000s

*photos, cartoons, maps, timelines, charts

*biographies, newspaper editorials, historical documents

*seamless linking directly from an article to all related content

Issues & Controversies in American History is now available through an easy subscription service that allows users the benefits and convenience of electronic delivery. For those that may benefit from assistive technology, Issues & Controversies in American History (as well as all other Facts On File News Services databases) is compatible with Browsealoud, a text-to-speech software program that will speak web content out loud.

Facts On File News Services is an award-winning print and electronic publisher of social studies, reference and science materials. The company’s reputation for providing authoritative, efficient and timely research tools goes back to 1940.

Facts On File News Services is a division of WRC Media Inc.’s World Almanac Education Group, publisher of the best-selling reference book, The World Almanac and Book of Facts. Other WRC Media companies include Weekly Reader Publishing, Gareth Stevens and Compass Learning.

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