COLUMBIA, Md.–November 27, 2006 – GTCO CalComp, Inc., manufacturer of the InterWrite Interactive Classroom products, announces today that it has been awarded a major contract to supply interactive whiteboards to the four major regions in the Russian Federation. The contract for over 1,600 InterWrite SchoolBoards will support the Russian’s Ministry of Education’s objective to provide students from various regions in Russia with equal rights to access information-reference resources and educational programs in a dynamic and interactive setting.

The Russian government, through the “Priority National Project–Education”, is purchasing various visually-stimulating technology products for classrooms around the country. The InterWrite SchoolBoard is the primary interactive instructional tool that will be integrated with various classroom technology products including computers, projectors, audio systems and education software in classrooms throughout Russia.

“We are pleased to be the primary supplier of interactive whiteboards to Russia’s Priority National Project – Education,” said Frank Augustino, vice president of business development and international sales at GTCO CalComp. “Just like thousands of other teachers from around the world currently using our InterWrite Interactive Classroom products, teachers in Russia will now be able to use this technology to create a more interactive and engaging learning environment. We continue to substantially increase our global install base of InterWrite users. Our commitment to our international education customers is unparalleled in the industry.”

About the InterWrite Interactive Classroom

The InterWrite Interactive Classroom includes the InterWrite SchoolBoard, a durable, easy-to-use interactive whiteboard; the patented, wireless InterWrite SchoolPad, which gives teachers the freedom to control their computer with a connected projector from up to 300 feet away; and, InterWrite PRS, the most robust and flexible student response system on the market. The InterWrite SchoolBoard and SchoolPad include InterWrite Software, a powerful and intuitive annotation software package that allows users to deliver lessons by annotating over top of any 3rd party software package or to utilize the extensive image library and build a lesson within the package. Whether used individually or conjunction with each other, the InterWrite Interactive Classroom products helps educators create a more active and engaged learning environment. For more information on these products or to be contacted by an authorized reseller for a free demo of the products, please visit GTCO CalComp online at

About GTCO CalComp

With over 30 years experience, GTCO CalComp is a leader in computer input peripherals, with over one million systems installed worldwide. Founded in 1975, GTCO CalComp pioneered the use of pen-based electromagnetic sensing technology currently utilized in the Company’s Interactive Whiteboard and Digitizer product lines. In 2004, GTCO CalComp expanded its line of interactive products with introduction of InterWrite PRS, a classroom response system. GTCO CalComp Inc, a global company, is headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, with offices in Scottsdale, Arizona; and Munich, Germany. GTCO CalComp maintains distribution partners in over 90 countries, providing solutions to professionals in Education, Training, Presentation, GIS, Computer Aided Design, Construction Estimating and Graphic Arts. For more information on the brands and products offered, visit the GTCO CalComp website at

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