SHAWNEE, Kan.–(27 Nov. 2006) Perceptive Software, Inc., today announced the general availability of ImageNow 6.0 Sunflower, the latest version of the company’s flagship document management, imaging and workflow software suite. ImageNow 6.0 Sunflower features enhancements designed to further simplify business processes, including version control and library services, digital signatures, ImageNow Projects, ImageNow Worksheets and ImageNow Workflow Designer.

ImageNow 6.0 Sunflower is based on more than 15 prior versions of the software. Enhanced functionality was added without compromising the user-friendly interface, nonprogrammatic integration, ease of administration or cost-effective deployment options ImageNow users have come to expect.

“Each member of our team contributed to the development and release of ImageNow 6.0 Sunflower–a product we built from the ground up to address the document management needs of the present and future,” said Scott Coons, Perceptive Software president and CEO.

Much of the new built-in product functionality was inspired by customer input. Of the more than 2,000 new features in ImageNow 6.0 Sunflower, nearly 85 percent came from the ImageNow user community.

“Our development team worked directly with ImageNow customers throughout the development process to add new functionality and features to ImageNow 6.0 Sunflower without compromising the product’s ease of use,” Coons said.

The new features included in ImageNow 6.0 Sunflower can help businesses improve processes and increase efficiencies regardless of the scale of deployment.
The functionality within ImageNow Projects allows organizations to efficiently organize electronic documents by grouping all related documents within a record. Users can instantly access the documents associated with a record, quickly route the documents through ImageNow Workflow and manage the record more efficiently, saving time and improving customer service.

ImageNow 6.0 Product Feature Enhancements:

*Version Control and Library Services allow users across an organization to create, edit and maintain documents using any desktop application and apply intuitive document management measures from ImageNow, WebNow, select products like Microsoft® Office® and applications that support web services.

*Digital Signatures uses advanced public-key infrastructure (PKI) technology embedded into ImageNow and WebNow to legally bind digital signatures to any document, authenticating the signer and verifying the integrity of the content.

*ImageNow Projects enables related documents to be grouped as one object while retaining the unique properties of each document. This association makes it possible to view all project-related documents at a single glance, route them through ImageNow Workflow with a single click and perform a variety of other tasks with a single action.

*ImageNow Worksheets makes auxiliary data collection quick and simple through customizable electronic entry forms seamlessly built into the product. As a document is processed, data can be entered into a worksheet manually or retrieved automatically from external business systems and other data sources. Collected data also can be shared with external business systems to support automatic document processing.

*ImageNow Workflow Designer enables the rapid creation, management and modification of document-centric workflow processes with a simple-to-use palette of tools and a graphical canvas. A unique Business Rules Engine makes it easy to build powerful and complex document routing rules using ordinary language (for non-technical users) or JavaScript language (for advanced users).

ImageNow 6.0 Architecture Enhancements:

*ImageNow 6.0 Sunflower sets new standards in expansion and configuration options. A single shared and actively monitored server process has been tested to thousands of concurrent users while retaining sub-second transaction and document retrieval speed. The ImageNow Server has been designed to minimize the memory footprint per user and the I/O chatter per request, enhancing performance and drastically reducing the administrative and resource burden on infrastructure. Security improvements add new control and audit features providing additional support for compliance initiatives across all industries.

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Since 1995 Perceptive Software, Inc., has built enterprise content management software, including document management, document imaging and workflow solutions, to help organizations efficiently capture and organize virtually any document, then easily retrieve a precise page at the moment it’s needed. More than 60,000 users in 22 countries rely on the ImageNow product suite to simplify their business processes.

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