November 27, 2006, Volo, Illinois–Don Johnston is shipping the Incite!™ Learning Series for elementary and middle school students in grades 4-8. Educators and media specialists will find Incite!™ an exceptional supplemental learning tool to help students build solid background knowledge and form mental models around significant events in history. This program offers an innovative and differentiated whole class learning approach designed to encourage students’ deeper understanding of events through critical thinking and interactive dialogue.

The 13 set DVD collection totals 65 short films about 5-7 minutes in length. There are 5 films in each collection and includes an instructional model correlated to state social studies and language arts standards. The films feature young actors who vividly help students learn, identify with and recall relevant historic events about the Civil War, the American Revolution, the Roman Empire, World War II, the Industrial Revolution, Age of Discovery, Middle Ages, Early American Pioneers, the U.S. Government and more.

“Incite!™ uses a proven cognitive approach based on the theory of anchored instruction; a relatively new science originating out of Vanderbilt University,” shared company founder, Don Johnston. “This validated approach helps teachers revolutionize core instruction for diverse learners and is designed for students to actively construct background knowledge. We filmed around the world to create an engaging virtual field trip for students to experience what it was like to live during a significant time in history. This anchored approach creates a lasting impression on students while leveraging shared background knowledge to enhance small group and whole class discussions.”

Dr. Ted S. Hasselbring, Ed.D, Professor at Peabody College of Vanderbilt University and one of the founding researchers of anchored instruction, said, “Incite!™ is innovative and grounded in the learning sciences. Don Johnston spends a great deal of time exploring how cognitive science can drive innovation in learning. This program is designed to support quality instruction that will enrich students’ capacity to learn. Incite!™ will go a long way toward allowing every student to think, act and build comprehensive skills with understanding.”

Teacher materials include an Administrative Walkthrough guide and detailed instructions to encourage goal setting and to stimulate group discussions. Student materials provide multiple tools for expression such as sticky notes for reflection, interactive posters to display class ideas and Think and Share Templates to help students form common background knowledge, state observations and make connections.

Pricing and Availability:
Schools may purchase Incite! ™ individually (one DVD with 5 original short films and instructional materials for $149.99 per set/site). Or a subscription license with renewal options at $59.99 per set/site. Either option allows teachers to copy DVDs and materials at the originating licensed site. Additional DVDs and materials are available at reduced prices. Incite! ™ is ideal for general ed., Title I and IDEA funds.

Don Johnston celebrated 25 years of service to educators and students and continues to design educational tools based on proven cognitive theories of the new science of how people learn. Don Johnston believes that all students will achieve their optimal learning zone with the right teaching support and by utilizing integrated, multi-sensory learning tools in both digital and printed formats. Visit or call 1-800-999-4660.

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