Eugene, Oregon — November, 28 2006–Rockin’ Amigos offers a product that is on the cutting edge in childhood education. Super Spanish Vocabulario is a groundbreaking album with 14 songs that make learning Spanish easy and fun. Songs like “Body/Cuerpo,” Neighborhood/Barrio,” and “Food/Comida” have kindergarten through middle school kids rocking and learning. It is a well known fact that information learned through music becomes embedded like a rock in the memory.
Because 74% of the 45 million Hispanics in the United States speak Spanish and nearly 10 million of those are between the ages of 5 and 13, all of us, native English and native Spanish speakers, children and adults, have an increasing need to be able to communicate bilingually.

Rockin’ Amigos’ material is developed by a professional musician and an elementary school teacher of Spanish literacy and English as a second language. Bryan and Luciano began their collaboration in 2003 when they taught first grade together for the Lane County Migrant Education Summer School. They integrated music in the classroom to support the learning of core curriculum.

Rockin’ Amigos’ prior release, Bilingual Basics: English/Espa_ol comes as a CD with a workbook. Sixteen songs in both Spanish and English cover primary concepts such as the calendar, clock, counting, colors, manners, and cross cultural respect.

Comments from some satisfied consumers and educators:

“All and all Rockin’ Amigos is a great and useful resource.”

– Nancy Golden, Superintendent of Springfield, OR Public Schools

“Rockin Amigos is a one-of-a-kind, excellent resource for children and teachers. The songs are remarkably catchy and instructive, inviting the listener to sing along while learning important and otherwise hard-to-learn content. What a fun way to learn!”

– Carole Sterry, Retired Elementary School Principal and U of O Professor of Education

“Me and my friend memorized the words really fast.” – Madison, 5th Grade Student, native English speaker

“Oh! This is so cool! My cousin has this CD.”

– Andres, Kindergarten Student, native Spanish speaker

Rockin’ Amigos is committed to donating 10% of its profits to support education in developing countries. Currently they are working with Fabretto Children’s Foundation ( sending materials to students in Nicaragua.
Rockin’ Amigos website provides music samples, lyrics, and application activities. Super Spanish Vocabulario CDs ($9.95) and Bilingual Basics CD and Resource Book ($19.95) can be purchased on-line. Super Spanish Vocabulario is also available on itunes, Rhapsody and Napster.

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