Washington, DC–What will the broadband home of today (and the near future) offer to students and their parents? The answer can be seen now as part of cableINNOVATES, the hands-on display–set up to resemble the elements of a fully integrated “broadband home”–which was officially opened this month in Washington, DC.

Cable in the Classroom has set up the cableINNOVATES Learning Station as part of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association’s new exhibit at its Capitol Hill headquarters. The exhibit showcases the wide array of interactive video, high-speed Internet and digital voice products and services that cable operators are now, or soon will be, providing to millions of consumers.

“The cableINNOVATES: Broadband Home display allows us to demonstrate what our homes could look like in the future, and to sample the types of tools that are, and will be, available to young people and their parents,” said Dr. Helen Soulé, Executive Director, Cable in the Classroom. “We know that learning doesn’t stop when the bell rings at the end of the school day, and that high-quality multimedia content coupled with new technologies hold tremendous promise to expand and enhance learning beyond the classroom.”

cableINNOVATES is a 1,000 square-foot exhibit that includes displays that highlight cable’s longstanding commitment to education and parental control technology. A variety of new education services and industry technology initiatives will be featured and rotated into the cableINNOVATES Learning Station to reflect the most current applications and technology that cable offers.

The Learning Station currently showcases:

*DVR set-top box

*Digital Cable On Demand programming and features

*On-screen parental controls demonstration

*Cable in the Classroom’s educational programming

*Cable in the Classroom’s Broadband learning demonstrations

*Media Literacy and Internet safety resources

*Educational podcasts and vodcasts distributed via iPod

*Webcam demonstrating secure videoconferencing

*Cell phone with camera and video display

“Students today use technology for more than MySpace and YouTube; it empowers young people to explore the world and to achieve more than they could have imagined,” said Soulé.

In addition to Scripps Networks, who partnered with us to design and decorate the home, Cable in the Classroom salutes the following partners for their support of the cableINNOVATES Learning Station display:

LG Electronics
Discovery Channel
The History Channel
The Weather Channel
National Geographic Channel

Visit the exhibit in person by making an appointment with Robin Scullin at Cable in the Classroom at rscullin@ciconline.org or call 202-222-2345. Or view photos of cableINNOVATES here:


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