LingvoSoft this week announced the release of the all-new LingvoSoft Dictionary 2007 for Windows for some of
the most popular and sought after world languages. The latest titles promise some exciting and original features and offer consumers numerous
opportunities to take their use of foreign languages to new heights. Based on the company’s admirable principal of ‘more is more’, the new software integrates the most requested features from users with advances from their
award-winning team of designers, linguists and programmers. Part of a sweeping strategy to maximize usability, improvements can be found in all areas of the software – interface, linguistic, integration – making the new dictionaries more responsive and faster than ever before.

LingvoSoft’s Kate Ashley recently told users of the LingvoSoft family of websites and forums that, “With the release of the new LingvoSoft Dictionary
2007 for Windows, LingvoSoft has given users an early New Year present – a unique opportunity to be the best that they can be. With such a
sophisticated array of tools for use on laptop or desktop PCs, superior, accurate and reliable translation and language management is now available to everyone. The 2007 dictionaries really can’t be compared to anything else
out there on the market and we are sure that once users get a chance to try them out, they are going to find these new resources absolutely

According to LingvoSoft, the most important new features are the direct result of consultation with, and feedback from, the users of its products.

Chief among them are a sophisticated User’s Dictionary that allows consumers to create, maintain and edit personalized vocabularies. Also newly updated is the now fully customizable, multilingual interface that lets users choose
form a variety of interface languages including English, French, German, Spanish and Russian. Not wanting to be left out, LingvoSoft linguists have
also taken the opportunity to go back into the databases and improve the accuracy of entries and add new definitions.

The other area that has gotten a lot of attention along the road to the new versions is integration. With the dictionaries new ability to work together
with the most popular MS Office applications users can now, with a single click, translate any word found in an MS Word or Excel document or Internet
Explorer webpage. When it comes to getting things to work together, no one does it better than LingvoSoft. Building on the principals that already lets users combine the major LingvoSoft applications into one seamless language
management solution, integration in the new 2007 dictionaries has been taken to a whole new level. Add that to the most sophisticated TTS (text-to-speech) technology available anywhere, a full-array of search and spell-check functions and an advanced Word by Word translation feature that
lets users type a sentence and quickly get a translation of each word and users really do seem to have something to get excited about. Now the choice is in their hands – and it only remains to see which language will prove to
be most popular in 2007.

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LingvoSoft Dictionary 2007 is core component of a complete language solution
called LingvoSoft Suite


About LingvoSoft

LingvoSoft is an award-winning developer of translation and linguistic software for all major platforms. LingvoSoft engineers, programmers and
linguists are responsible for developing one of the most respected lines of language-learning, dictionary, translation and localization software
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Moreover, the LingvoSoft website also offers the top translation and localization products by other respected developers.

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